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Programming the Network W Perl

Paul Barry

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After providing an introduction to the Perl programming language, this helpful guide teaches computer networking using Perl. Topics discussed include ethernet network analysis, programming standard Internet protocols, and exploring mobile agent programming.
* Each chapter provides a general discussion of the technologies under consideration, the support for programming the technologies as provided by Perl, and implementations of working examples
* Covers Mobile Agent Technology, which is set to become one of the "next big things" on the Internet
* Further information is supplied, including a listing of Web and print resources, programming exercises, and tips to expand the reader's understanding of the material

Paul Barry is formally educated and trained in Computer Science and holds a Masters Degree in Computing Science. He has been programming professionally, on and off, for close to 20 years. Paul already has two textbooks to his name, and is also a Contributing Editor to Linux Journal magazine. His day job is with the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland where he has spent over a decade preparing Ireland's next generation of computing folk to be productive in the workforce. His role as a lecturer affords him the opportunity to explore, learn and teach the very latest programming technologies and practices, which is something that he enjoys even though he knows this makes him a bonafide geek . Paul lives just outside the town of Carlow in Ireland with his wife, two sons, daughter, dog and cat. There's a bunch of computers and a growing collection of music instruments in the house, too (and like a lot of the Head First family, Paul is a struggling guitarist trapped inside a geek's body). He has so far resisted any suggestion that the family acquire a hamster ... or a set of drums.


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Erscheinungsdatum 26.02.2002
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-471-48670-1
Verlag John Wiley & Sons Inc
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  • 1. Meet Perl
    Perl's Default Behaviour
    Using Variables in Perl
    Controlling Flow
    Boolean in Perl
    Perl Operators
    Perl I/O
    Packages, Modules and Objects
    More Perl
    Where to From Here?
    Print Resources
    Web Resources
    2. Snooping
    Thank You, Tim Potter
    Preparing to Snoop
    Building Low-Level Snooping Tools
    Snooping IP Datagrams
    Transport Snoopers
    The Network Debugger
    Where to From Here?
    Print Resources
    Web Resources
    3. Sockets
    Clients and Servers
    Transport Services
    Introducing the Perl Socket API
    Socket Support Subroutines
    Simple UDP Clients and Servers
    Genericity and Robustness
    UDP is Unreliable
    Sending and Receiving with UDP
    Dealing with Deadlock
    TCP Clients and Servers
    A Common TCP Gotcha
    More TCP Socket Communication
    The Concurrent Syntax Checker
    Object-Oriented Sockets
    Where to From Here?
    Print Resources
    Web Resources
    4. Protocols
    Working with the Web
    The World's Worst Web Browser
    HTTP Status Codes
    It's the Gisle and Graham Show!
    The Library for WWW Access in Perl
    The LWPwwwb Program
    Doing More with LWPwwwb
    Building a Custom Web Server
    The libnet Library
    Email Enabling simplehttpd
    Other Networking Add-on Modules
    Where to From Here?
    Print Resources
    Web Resources
    5. Management
    Simple Management with ICMP
    Doing the Ping Thing
    Doing the Net: Ping Thing
    Tracing Routes
    Not So Simple Management with SNMP
    The SNMP Management Framework
    Managed Data
    The SNMP Protocol
    The Net: SNMP Module
    Working with Net: SNMP
    What's Up?
    Setting MIB-II Data
    IP Router Mapping
    Where to From Here?
    Print Resources
    Web Resources
    6. Mobile Agents
    What is a Mobile Agent?
    Mobile-Agent Examples
    Mobile-Agent Advantages/Disavantages
    Perl Agents
    The Module
    Ooooh, Objects!
    The Default Mobile Agent
    A Launching Mobile-Agent Environment
    A One-Shot Location
    Relocating to Multiple Locations
    The Mobile-Agent multiwho
    The Mobile-Agent ipdetermine
    The Cloning Mobile-Agent ipdetermine
    Other Perl Agent Examples
    Where to From Here?
    Print Resources
    Web Resources