Stop Staring

Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right

Jason Osipa

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The de facto official source on facial animation--now updated!
If you want to do character facial modeling and animation at the high levels achieved in today's films and games, Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, Third Edition, is for you. While thoroughly covering the basics such as squash and stretch, lip syncs, and much more, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to capture the very newest professional design techniques, as well as changes in software, including using Python to automate tasks.
* Shows you how to create facial animation for movies, games, and more
* Provides in-depth techniques and tips for everyone from students and beginners to high-level professional animators and directors currently in the field
* Features the author's valuable insights from his own extensive experience in the field
* Covers the basics such as squash and stretch, color and shading, and lip syncs, as well as how to automate processes using Python
Breathe life into your creations with this important book, considered by many studio 3D artists to be the quintessential reference on facial animation.

Jason Osipa has been working in 3D since 1997, holding titles in all levels of animation, rigging, and directing in real-time and rendered 3D. He is currently running Osipa Entertainment, which offers contracting, consulting, and classes for games, TV, Direct-to-Video, and film. Prior to opening his own company, he worked at gaming industry giants LucasArts and EA, among others. He is the author of both previous editions of Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right.


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Erscheinungsdatum 01.10.2010
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ISBN 978-0-470-60990-3
Verlag John Wiley & Sons
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  • Part I: Getting to Know the Face.

    1 Learning the Basics of Lip Sync.

    2 What the Eyes and Brows Tell Us.

    3 Facial Landmarking.

    Part II: Animating and Modeling the Mouth.

    4 Visimes and Lip Sync Technique.

    5 Constructing a Mouth and Nose.

    6 Mouth Keys.

    Part III: Eyes and Brows.

    7 Building Emotion: The Basics of the Eyes.

    8 Constructing Eyes and Brows.

    9 Eye and Brow Keys.

    Part IV: Bringing It Together.

    10 Connecting the Features.

    11 Skeletal Setup, Weighting, and Rigging.

    12 Interfaces for Your Faces.

    13 Squash, Stretch, and Secondaries.

    14 A Shot in Production.