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Bayesian Approaches to Clinical Trials and Health-Care Evaluation

Statistics in Practice


David Spiegelhalter has recently joined the ranks of IsaacNewton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking by becoming a fellow ofthe Royal Society. Originating from the Medical ResearchCouncil's biostatistics unit, David has played a leading rolein the Bristol heart surgery and Harold Shipmaninquiries.

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The Bayesian approach involves synthesising data and judgementin order to reach conclusions about unknown quantities and makepredictions. Bayesian methods have become increasingly popular inrecent years, notably in medical research, and although there are anumber of books on Bayesian analysis, few cover clinical trials andbiostatistical applications in any detail. Bayesian Approaches toClinical Trials and Health-Care Evaluation provides a valuableoverview of this rapidly evolving field, including basic Bayesianideas, prior distributions, clinical trials, observational studies,evidence synthesis and cost-effectiveness analysis.
Covers a broad array of essential topics, building from the basicsto more advanced techniques.
* Illustrated throughout by detailed case studies and workedexamples
* Includes exercises in all chapters
* Accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge ofstatistics
* Authors are at the forefront of research into Bayesian methodsin medical research
* Accompanied by a Web site featuring data sets and workedexamples using Excel and WinBUGS - the most widely used Bayesianmodelling package

Bayesian Approaches to Clinical Trials and Health-Care Evaluationis suitable for students and researchers in medical statistics,statisticians in the pharmaceutical industry, and anyone involvedin conducting clinical trials and assessment of health-caretechnology.
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