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Modern Drumming 1

Drum course - 1100 Exercises, 5 Solopieces, 8 Play Along-Songswith play-along CD

MODERN DRUMMING is a practical educational concept that has been proven through many years of teaching and is ideally suited for both drum lessons and self-study. Next to the motivational aspect and the fun of making music, the pedagogic and didactic aspect of truly meaningfully and effectively conveying the contents is the primary focus.
Intended for drummers of all levels from beginners to advanced players, MODERN DRUMMING 1 consolidates the most important factors of modern drumming and provides an effective methodology for learning all relevant musical styles. Much value is placed on the advancement of your creativity and the development of your own style.
MODERN DRUMMING 1 teaches all standard rhythms used in modern music, covering virtually all musical styles: rock, pop, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz, Latin, fusion, R&B, funk, hip-hop, jungle, house, drums 'n' bass etc. There is also a chapter on fills and licks, and double bass drum technique is covered extensively, as are the relevant rudiments. The book is conceived in such a way that you are not forced to struggle with monotonous exercises forever, but can quickly begin playing rhythms and fills on the drum set. Several drum solos, as well as play-along songs recorded by a live band, allow you to practically apply what you've learned: you begin making music right away, just like in a band.

"Of all the drums books I've seen today, this drum school with CD ist the absolute top" (musicmagazine Workshop)

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Erscheinungsdatum 01.07.2011
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ISBN 978-3-89775-128-6
Verlag Leu
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