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Saline Lakes

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Inland Saline Lakes, held at Nairobi, Kenya, August 1985

Developments in Hydrobiology Band 44

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Limnological research on saline lakes is practiced by a growing cadre of scientists active worldwide in a diversity of disciplines. Every three years since 1979, an international symposium on inland saline waters has served to strengthen and expand the scope of the studies. Promising areas for further research especially well suited to saline lakes include the comparative physiology of adaptation to osmotic stresses, the role of microbial and protozoan communities in nutrient dynamics and biotic interactions in ecosystems with few species. The Third International Symposium on Inland Saline Lakes was held at the University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya, under the auspices of the Societas Internationalis Limnologiae (SIL). The symposium was sponsored by and received financial or other support from the U.S. National Science Foundation (International Program), United Nations Environment Program, University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of Nairobi. The proceedings occurred for three days (28-31 August, 1985) and were attended by 33 scientists from 14 countries (see list of Participants). On the day prior to the first formal session an afternoon trip to Lake Magadi and salt works was held. The tribulations of this excursion served to acquaint the participants with each other and with the realities of exploring the African bush. A three day post-congress expedition to the rift valley included visits to spectacular saline lakes such as Nakuru and Bogoria. Much of the meeting's and excursion's success is owed to the efforts of the local organizer, Dr. Stephen G.


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  • 1. Primary producer dynamics associated with evaporative concentration in a shallow, equatorial soda lake (Lake Elmenteita, Kenya).- 2. Nutrient-phytoplankton: relationships in a tropical meromictic soda lake.- 3. Chemical and algal relationships in a salinity series of Ethiopian inland waters.- 4. Photosynthetic activity of phytoplankton and its relation to environmental factors in hypersaline Mono Lake, California.- 5. A microcosm study of nitrogen utilization in the Great Salt Lake, Utah.- 6. Aquatic macrophytes in saline lakes of the Canadian prairies.- 7. The benthic communities of the saline lakes Abijata and Shala (Ethiopia).- 8. Effect of lake level fluctuations on the habitats of benthic invertebrates in a shallow tropical lake.- 9. Experimental effects of elevated salinity on three benthic invertebrates in Pyramid Lake, Nevada.- 10. Comparative population ecology of Ephydra hians Say (Diptera:Ephydridae) at Mono Lake (California) and Abert Lake (Oregon).- 11. Abundance and spatial distribution of Artemia salina in Lake Abert, Oregon.- 12. Nearshore and pelagic abundances of Artemia monica in Mono Lake, California.- 13. In situ hatching of Artemia monica cysts in hypersaline Mono Lake, California.- 14. Acid brine shrimp: Metabolic strategies in osmotic and ionic adaptation.- 15. Artemia habitats: Ion concentrations tolerated by one superspecies.- 16. Factors influencing species diversity in saline waters of Death Valley, U.S.A..- 17. The biogeographical affinities of the fauna in episodically filled salt lakes: A study of Lake Eyre South, Australia.- 18. Spanish salt lakes: Their chemistry and biota.- 19. An instance of thermal instability in Lake Simbi, Kenya.- 20. Thermal stratification and stability of meromixis in the Pretoria Salt Pan, South Africa.- 21. Lake Torrens brine.- 22. The distribution, structure and composition of freshwater ice deposits in Bolivian salt lakes.- 23. The salt lakes of western Canada: A paleolimnological overview.