Shadow and Bone

Grisha Trilogy; 01

Leigh Bardugo

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See the Grishaverse come to life on screen with Shadow and Bone, now a Netflix original series.

Enter the Grishaverse with Book One of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy by the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.

. Summoner. Saint. Orphaned and expendable, Alina Starkov is a soldier who knows she may not survive her first trek across the Shadow Fold-a swath of unnatural darkness crawling with monsters. But when her regiment is attacked, Alina unleashes dormant magic not even she knew she possessed.

Now Alina will enter a lavish world of royalty and intrigue as she trains with the Grisha, her country's magical military elite-and falls under the spell of their notorious leader, the Darkling. He believes Alina can summon a force capable of destroying the Shadow Fold and reuniting their war-ravaged country, but only if she can master her untamed gift.

As the threat to the kingdom mounts and Alina unlocks the secrets of her past, she will make a dangerous discovery that could threaten all she loves and the very future of a nation.

Welcome to Ravka . . . a world of science and superstition where nothing is what it seems.

A New York Times Bestseller
A Los Angeles Times Bestseller
An Indie Next List Book
This title has Common Core connections.

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The Shadow and Bone Trilogy
(previously published as The Grisha Trilogy)
Shadow and Bone
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The Six of Crows Duology
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Praise for the Grishaverse

"A master of fantasy." -The Huffington Post
"Utterly, extremely bewitching." -The Guardian
"This is what fantasy is for." -The New York Times Book Review
"[A] world that feels real enough to have its own passport stamp." -NPR
"The darker it gets for the good guys, the better." -Entertainment Weekly
"Sultry, sweeping and picturesque. . . . Impossible to put down." -USA Today
"There's a level of emotional and historical sophistication within Bardugo's original epic fantasy that sets it apart." -Vanity Fair
"Unlike anything I've ever read." -Veronica Roth, bestselling author of Divergent
"Bardugo crafts a first-rate adventure, a poignant romance, and an intriguing mystery!" -Rick Riordan, bestselling author of the Percy Jackson series


Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Seitenzahl 368
Altersempfehlung 12 - 18 Jahr(e)
Erscheinungsdatum 01.06.2012
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-8050-9459-6
Reihe Shadow and Bone Trilogy, 1
Verlag KNV Besorgung
Maße (L/B/H) 21,7/15,1/3,8 cm
Gewicht 430 g
Verkaufsrang 2050


Someone remind me why I waited so long to read this?!

Salema Arefayne, Thalia-Buchhandlung Karlsruhe

Ever read a book because of all the hype that was created around it and then you were totally disappointed? Well.... fortunately this was NOT the case here. I fully enjoyed every minute of reading this book and the time spent in the "Grishaverse". We get to follow the story of Alina Starkov, a young woman who is another casualty of the ongoing war in Ravka, another orphan and another nobody in the Second Army. So it seems until the day Alina discovers powers within her that are much greater than anything that the people of Ravka have ever seen. With the discovery of her powers Alina is introduced to the royal court and the mysterious world of the powerful Ghrisha. Now she might be the key to change the fate of a nation.


9 Bewertungen

Das Netflix Ding ist KEIN Kleber
von einer Kundin/einem Kunden aus Untersiggenthal am 18.06.2021
Bewertet: Einband: Taschenbuch

Lässt sich nicht entfernen. Zerstört ein schön aussehendes Cover. The Netflix thingy is NOT a sticker and cannot be removed.

von Celine aus Bayern am 01.06.2021
Bewertet: Einband: gebundene Ausgabe

The book is incredibly beautiful. The story is amazing too. I watched the show beforehand and even though they changed quiet a bit i still enjoyed every second of both the book and the show. Can't remember when i last read a whole book in just one day.

Liebe es!
von einer Kundin/einem Kunden aus Berlin am 28.05.2021
Bewertet: Format: eBook (ePUB)

Ich habe alle Bücher der Trilogie innerhalb von einer Woche gelesen, ich kann diese Trilogie, die anderen Bücher des Grishaverse und auch alle anderen Bücher der Autorin nur empfehlen.

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