Sustainable Energy

Choosing Among Options

Human survival depends on a continuing energy supply, but the need for ever-increasing amounts of energy poses a dilemma: How can we provide the benefits of energy to the population of the globe without damaging the environment, negatively affecting social stability, or threatening the well-being of future generations? The solution will lie in finding sustainable energy sources and more efficient means of converting and utilizing energy. Sustainable Energy includes illustrative examples, problems, references for further reading, and links to relevant Web sites. The book addresses the challenges of integrating diverse factors and the importance for future generations of the energy choices we make today.

Jefferson W. Tester is Croll Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems, College of Engineering, Cornell University and coauthor of Sustainable Energy and The Future of Geothermal Energy. Elisabeth M. Drake is Associate Director of the Energy Laboratory, Emeritus, at MIT. Michael J. Driscoll is Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Emeritus, at MIT. Michael W. Golay is Professor of Nuclear Engineering at MIT. William A. Peters is Executive Director of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies at MIT.
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