Grave Surprise

When she was 15, Harper Connelly was struck by a bolt of lightning. She recovered, mostly . . . she has a strange red spiderweb on parts of her body, and her right leg is weak. Sometimes her right hand shakes. She has headaches. And she can find dead people. The last is what interested anthropology professor Dr Clive Nunley - along with the chance to prove her a high-profile fraud.He's not impressed when Harper demonstrates her talent and senses a young girl, recently deceased, sharing a grave with a centuries-deceased man . . . but when the grave is opened, Harper is proved right. The body of Tabitha Morgenstern, an eleven-year-old abducted two years ago, is revealed. Worse, Harper tried - and failed - to find Tabitha when she first went missing.She can't walk away again. Harper and Tolliver have an investigation on their hands . . . 'Harris delivers a knuckle-gnawing tale populated with well-developed, edgy characters' Publishers Weekly 'A series that just might surpass all her others in popularity' Booklist
New York Times bestselling author who has been writing for over thirty-five years. Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, she is the author of the Aurora Teagarden mysteries, basis for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Aurora Teagarden original movies; the Midnight, Texas series, now a brand-new TV series; the Sookie Stackhouse urban fantasy series, basis for the HBO show True Blood; the Lily Bard mysteries; the Harper Connelly mysteries; and the co-author of the graphic novel trilogy
Cemetery Girl. Harris now lives in Texas with her husband and two rescue dogs.
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Seitenzahl 256
Erscheinungsdatum 20.09.2012
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-575-12949-8
Reihe Gollancz
Verlag Gollancz, Victor
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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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