The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England

The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England

The first Plantagenet king inherited a blood-soaked kingdom from the Normans and transformed it into an empire stretched at its peak from Scotland to Jerusalem. In this epic history, Jones vividly resurrects this fierce and seductive royal dynasty and its mythic world.

Dan Jones is an award-winning historian of the Middle Ages who writes a regular column for London's Evening Standard. A popular presenter of documentaries for the BBC and commentator on radio and TV, he lives in London and travels frequently to Los Angeles.
Praise for "The Plantagenets" "Like the medieval chroniclers he quarries for juicy anecdotes, Jones has opted for a bold narrative approach anchored firmly upon the personalities of the monarchs themselves yet deftly marshaling a vast supporting cast of counts, dukes, and bishops. . . . Fast-paced and accessible, "The Plantagenets "is old-fashioned storytelling and will be particularly appreciated by those who like their history red in tooth and claw. Mr. Jones tackles his subject with obvious relish.""--The Wall Street Journal" "Delicious . . . Jones has produced a rollicking, compelling book produced a rollicking, compelling book about a rollicking, compelling dynasty, one that makes the Tudors who followed them a century later look like ginger pussycats. . . . "The Plantagenets "is told with the latest historical evidence and rich in detail and scene-setting. You can almost smell the sea salt as the White Ship sinks, and hear the screams of the tortured at the execution grounds at Tyburn.""--USA Today" "Jones has brought the Plantagenets out of the shadows, revealing them in all their epic heroism and depravity. His is an engaging and readable account--itself an accomplishment given the gaps in medieval sources and a 300-year tableau--and yet researched with the exacting standards of an academician. The result is an enjoyable, often harrowing journey through a bloody, insecure era in which many of the underpinnings of English kingship and --Anglo-American constitutional thinking were formed.""--The Washington Post" "Brilliant and entertaining . . . a set of fine vignettes relating dynastic life, death, war, peace, governance, and palace intrigues. The result is a history book that frequently reads like a novel and can be opened to any chapter.""--Tampa Bay Times" "Blood-soaked medieval England springs to vivid life in Jones's highly readable, authoritative, and assertive history.""--Publishers Weekly"
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