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Current Issues of Suicidology

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Contributions from the First European Symposium on Empirical Research into Suicidal Behavior, Held March 19-22, 1986 in Munich. Initiated by Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Erforschung Suizidalen Verhaltens with Deutsche Gesellschaft fürSelbstmordverhütung


Einband Taschenbuch
Herausgeber Hans-Jürgen Möller, Armin Schmidtke, Rainer Welz
Seitenzahl 481
Erscheinungsdatum 11.01.2012
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-642-73360-4
Verlag Springer Berlin
Maße (L/B/H) 24,4/17/2,6 cm
Gewicht 861 g
Auflage Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988


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  • I Epidemiology and Sociodemographic and Psychiatric Background Variables of Suicidal Behavior.- Suicide Trends in 24 European Countries, 1972–1984.- Frequencies and Trends in Attempted Suicide in the Federal Republic of Germany: A Methodological Study.- Estimation of Suicidal Behavior in Representative Epidemiologic Studies.- Birth Cohort Analysis of Suicide Mortality in Sweden.- Epidemiology of Suicide Events in a Hungarian County.- Psychiatric Aspects of Suicide in Budapest.- Deliberate Overdosage in a Hospital Catchment Area: Preliminary Results of a 7-Year Study.- Self-inflicted Death (1971–1985): Preliminary Results of a 15-Year Survey in an Inner City Area on the Incidence and Methods Employed.- Suicidal Poisonings Caused by Pesticides in Voivodina (Yugoslavia) During 1960–1984.- Age-Related Differences in Patients Who Attempt Suicide.- Suicides Among Psychiatric Patients in Funen (Denmark).- Increasing Suicide Rate in Scandinavian Psychiatric Hospitals.- Suicide in Psychiatric Hospitals: Selected Results of a Study on Suicides Committed During Treatment in Five Psychiatric Hospitals in Southern Germany with Special Regard to Therapy Success and Presuicidal Symptoms.- Suicides Among Patients Treated in a Ward Specializing in Affective Disorders.- Types of Clinical Suicide.- Empirical Evaluation Studies Concerning Completed Suicide and Addiction.- II Course and Prediction of Suicidal Behavior.- Catamnestic Studies on Patients Who Attempted Suicide: An Overview.- Sociopsychological Adjustment and Family History of Depressives with and without a Suicide Attempt.- Psychopathological Course of Depressives with and without a Suicide Attempt.- Preliminary Results of a Study Concerning the Evaluation and Evolution of Patients Having Attempted to Commit Suicide.- A Follow-up Study 1 Year After Attempted Suicide: A Comparison Between Individuals Younger and Older Than 55 Years.- Three-Year Follow-up of 150 Inpatients After a Suicide Attempt by Drug Overdose.- Survey and Follow-up of Patients Admitted to Innsbruck University Hospital for Attempted Suicide in 1983.- Changes in Hopelessness and Dissimulation Tendencies in Patients After a Suicide Attempt.- Validation of Six Risk Scales for Suicide Attempters.- A Simple Method to Predict Crises After Suicide Attempts (Parasuicides).- Estimating Suicide Risk Among Inpatients Treated for Depressive Disorders.- Clinical Prediction of Suicidal Behavior Among High-Risk Suicide Attempters.- Typology of Persons Who Attempted Suicide with Predictive Value for Repetition: A Prospective Cohort Study.- Path Analytical Models for Predicting Suicide Risk.- A Computer Program for Exploring Depressive Patients with Suicidal Thoughts.- III Biological Factors of Suicidal Behavior.- Biological Correlates of Suicidal Behavior.- Postmortem Neurochemical Investigation of Suicide.- Corticotropin-Releasing Factor in Depression and Suicide.- Measurements of Biogenic Amines and Metabolites in the CSF of Suicide Victims and Nonsuicides.- Plasma Amino Acids and Suicidal Behavior: An Investigation of Different Groups of Patients Who Attempted to Commit Suicide.- Review of Imipramine Binding in Platelets from Psychiatric Patients: Its Relevance to the Biology of Suicide.- IV Psychosocial Factors of Suicidal Behavior.- Broken Home and Suicidal Behavior: Methodological Problems.- “Broken-Home”-Related Data from Patients Following an Attempted Suicide: Comparison with Data from Psychiatric and Nonpsychiatric Patients..- Life Events, Current Social Stressors, and Risk of Attempted Suicide.- Recent Life Events and Suicide Attempts.- A Description of Behavioral Patterns of Coping with Life Events in Suicidal Patients.- Social Support and Suicidal Behavior.- Description and Prognostic Value of Standardized Procedures for Determining Remarkable Personality Traits in Patients Following a Suicide Attempt.- Imitation Effects After Fictional Television Suicides.- Background Factors of Parasuicide in Denmark.- Suicide and Unemployment in Italy.- The British Anomaly: Suicide, Domestic Gas and Unemployment in the United Kingdom.- Individuals and Social Factors in the Psychodynamics of Suicide.- Suicidal Patients’ Comprehension of Significant Others’ Attitudes Toward Them.- Suicide: Beyond the Regulation of Emotion.- V Treatment Evaluation.- Effectiveness of Suicide Prevention: A Short Review of the Literature.- On the Effect of Crisis Intervention in Suicidal Patients.- Evaluation of Two Different Strategies of an Outpatient Aftercare Program for Suicide Attempters in a General Hospital.- Comparing a 3-Month and a 12-Month-Outpatient Aftercare Program for Parasuicide Repeaters.- Are There Differences Between Patients Who Were Seeking Help in a Suicidal Crisis and Patients Who Were Referred to a Suicide Prevention Center After Having Attempted Suicide?.- Influence of Crisis Intervention Telephone Services (“Crisis Hotlines”) on the Suicide Rate in 25 German Cities.- Suicidal Callers on the Telephone Crisis Line in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia.- Effect of Deregistration of Drugs and Prescription Recommendations on the Pattern of Self-Poisonings.- Experiences with a Routine-Documentation-System for Parasuicides.- General Structure of Single Interviews Coping with a Suicidal Crisis.- Motivation for Compliance with Outpatient Treatment of Patients Hospitalized After Parasuicide.- Attitudes Toward Suicide: Development of a Suicide Attitude Questionnaire (SUIATT).