Art Handbooks: Perspective

Ray Campbell Smith provides a clear and practical guide to perspective in painting. Starting with the basic geometry used to draw buildings, he leads us through the perspective of circles, shadows and reflections.
Perspective is one of the trickiest things to get right in painting. Ray provides practical guidance in this compact book. Starting with basic geometry, he progresses through all you need to know. The samples of his work show how tone and colour is used to create depth. The exercises will hone your skills.-Yarnsandfabrics.co.uk/crafts This is the perfect introduction to drawing and using perspective. It is a very practical guide, providing help and assistance in mastering the subject. He starts by looking at the basic geometry surrounding buildings and how these can be drawn. Most books tend to focus on buildings but what makes this book special is the way he also looks at the way you can use shadows and reflections to create perspective. Using watercolours to demonstrate each technique, the instructions are easy to follow. It is a very inspirational book with lots of exercises encouraging artists to practise the various techniques. At 48 pages, it is a short but very intense book covering a tremendous amount of material.-Monstersandcritics.com Smith's (Ray's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists) compact guide distills the complex concepts of perspective drawing down to the essentials. Chapters address perspective basics, drawing curves and ellipses in perspective, aerial perspective, rendering reflections in perspective, and more. A handful of short exercises boosts the reader's understanding of these Renaissance-era tricks of perception and geometry. Most examples included in the guide are done in watercolor, and the book generally assumes a painter's viewpoint. VERDICT: This guide is best for beginning artists wishing to render realistic landscapes, city scenes, and still lifes.-Library Journal USA
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