From Gladiators to Gigabytes

War and games have always been intimately related in many different ways. This book studies the history of wargames - from the Old Testament to computer games - and explores their development, their links to real warfare, and their role in human culture at large.


Martin van Creveld is Emeritus Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one of the world's best known experts on military history and strategy. He is the author of over twenty books, covering all aspects of these subjects, which have now been translated into twenty languages including Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serb and Spanish. Professor van Creveld has consulted for the defense establishments of various countries and taught or lectured at many institutes of higher learning, both military and civilian. He has also written hundreds of articles and conducted interviews for newspapers, television and radio all over the world.

'No other historian could bring us this marvellous history of wargaming and its relationship to the larger strategic and societal trends that are the critical context for the impact these games have had.' Paul Bracken, Yale University, and author of The Second Nuclear Age 'A witty, wide-ranging, and uniquely inclusive analysis of wargames that goes beyond games and simulations of war and combat. This is the story of all forms of war, and all the games developed over thousands of years to practice, simulate, or analyze these conflicts.' James F. Dunnigan, editor-in-chief, strategypage.com 'From antiquity 'til tomorrow, warlike games encounter ritualized combat in Martin van Creveld's meandering journey across the centuries. Because it is van Creveld who is doing the meandering, with his unique talent for uncovering the unexpected, readers will wish for more of it rather than less. Undoubtedly, this is an illuminating masterwork.' Edward N. Luttwak, author of Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace 'This is a characteristically broad-ranging, insightful, and provocative survey of the many ways in which war and games - two of humanity's deepest instincts - interact.' Philip Sabin, Kings College London, and author of Simulating War 'Martin van Creveld has written the most comprehensive work on wargaming to date. This superb book provides an insightful and in-depth analysis of the history and value of gaming. Wargames: From Gladiators to Gigabytes is a must-read for all those desiring to understand this important component to military planning, training, and education.' General Anthony C. Zinni, United States Marine Corps (retired)
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