The Hidden Symmetry of Your Birth Date

How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life

Based on ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, this book gives you an understanding of your hidden symmetry - the intricate inner design that influences who you are and how your life unfolds. It shows you how to ride the waves instead of fight the current of your life, and learn how to make best use of what's coming in future years.

The wisdom Jean Haner presents in Your Hidden Symmetry has been valuable in my own life over the years. I highly recommend it as a way to love and accept yourself, as well as the way your life is unfolding. I'm delighted to contribute the affirmations in this book to support your journey! -- Louise L. Hay Your Hidden Symmetry will help you to know yourself, accept yourself, and be true to who you really are. Jean Haner presents an ancient wisdom for living an authentic life. Her work is a gift to the world. -- Robert Holden, Ph.D. Jean Haner's book Your Hidden Symmetry will take you into the deepest recesses of your being, where you can begin to answer those questions such as 'Who am I?' and 'Why am I here?' With grace and wisdom born of an innate understanding of the human spirit, Jean will gently guide you down the path to profound self-understanding in this heartfelt book. Highly recommended! -- Denise Linn In Your Hidden Symmetry, Jean Haner draws on a little-known but powerful ancient knowledge to provide readers with invaluable clues to an authentic, rich, and meaningful life. Combined with the timeless insights of Louise Hay's affirmations, the book will be an inspiring and unique addition to any seeker's library. -- Lorie Eve Dechar
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