The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II has always been an extremely popular aircraft with enthusiasts and historians, simply because of the type's iconic status, its extremely long and diverse history, and the huge variety of roles the Phantom has undertaken. Its international appeal--particularly within the US and UK--cannot be compared to any other aircraft. This title provides a comprehensive study of the development and history of the F-4 Phantom, from the late 1950s, tracing the service deployment of this iconic postwar aircraft, including full coverage of its service in the USAF, RAF, and the air forces of Australia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey, to its service today. The text is supported by hundreds of carefully selected photographs, including unpublished pictures, technical, performance and weapons data, line drawings and color artwork profiles. The F-4 Phantom is perhaps the most well-known and iconic postwar military aircraft. The author also covers the long and complicated story of the British Phantom.


Tim McLelland is author of three Ian Allan-published works: "English Electric Lightning--Britain's First and Last Supersonic Interceptor," "TSR-2--Britain's Lost Cold War Strike Aircraft" and "Harrier."
He is an established aviation writer and photographer with an interest in all aspects of aerospace, specialising primarily in post-war military subjects. He has authored a wide range of books on a variety of subjects. He has also produced numerous features for many aerospace magazines and journals and has been a contributor to "Aircraft Illustrated," "Air Extra," "Armed Forces," "Air Forces Monthly," "Flypast," "Aviation News" and others. Tim McLelland also edited "Air Forces International "magazine, and "Scale Models" magazine, in addition to the house magazine of the International Plastic Modellers Society (UK).
As part of his photography and writing work, Tim McLelland has been afforded a great deal of direct access to military units around the world. He has talked to serving air crew and staff officers on all aspects of operational and training activities. He has also been given many opportunities to fly as passenger in a wide range of combat aircraft, enabling him to see first-hand what military flying is all about. His 'log book' includes types such as the Jaguar, Lightning, Harrier, Tornado fighter and bomber, Hawk, Hunter, F-4 Phantom (both in US and British service), Buccaneer, Nimrod, Canberra, Hercules, VC10, Chinook, and many others, as well as historical types such as the Lancaster and Shackleton and a number of flights with the world-famous Red Arrows, and the US Navy's Blue Angels team. He has flown all four key versions of the Phantom.
Away from the world of military operations, Tim McLelland also worked with Channel 4 Television, as a stills photographer.
His other published works include "Buccaneer," "Vulcan--A Complete History," "The RAF Manual," "Fighter Pilot," "Tiger Meet," "Flying Tankers," "Hunter--A Complete History," "Avro Vulcan," "Fight's On," and "C-130 Hercules."

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