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Himmler's Diary 1945: A Calender of Events Leading to Suicide

A Calendar of Events Leading to Suicide

Stephen Tyas, Peter Witte

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Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler instigated the mass murder of European Jews. 1945 saw his fall from second-most powerful man in Germany after Hitler to his suicide in British captivity. Throughout 1945 Himmler showed little sign of his supreme power, moving between action and indecision: V-2 rockets, release of camp prisoners and peace feelers.

Stephen Tyas is a retired businessman and now a freelance researcher. He has published numerous articles on German Security Police operations between 1939-1945. Peter Witte and Stephen Tyas jointly published A New Document on the Deportation and Murder of Jews during 'Einsatz Reinhardt' 1942 (2001), the so-called Hoefle telegram. Peter Witte, a retired teacher of German, politics and economics in Germany, is a freelance historian. He worked as a researcher and historical consultant for the BBC TV production The Nazis and in a similar position with German TV productions. Witte is co-editor of Dienstkalender Heinrich Himmler 1941/42 published in 1999.


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