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101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Partying Around the World

Matador Network

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  • 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die

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What Are You Waiting For?

Looking for a guidebook that isn't full of tired, lame, or even BS travel information? 101 Places to Get Fucked Up Before You Die brings together the most irreverent and legit accounts of drinking, nightlife and travel culture around the world. Part guide, part social commentary, part party invitation, 101 Places gives you all the info and inspiration you'll need to:

* Blowout one (or several) of the year's biggest festivals
* MacGyver your way into underground clubs and backcountry raves
* Throw down with people from the Himalayas to the salt flats to Antarctica
* Travel in every conceivable style-from baller to dirtbag-to some of the most epic spots on earth

Do you really know where to go out in San Francisco or Tel Aviv? How about preparing for Burning Man or Oktoberfest? The award-winning journalists and photographers at Matador Network let you know what's up at each spot, whether it's drug policies, how to keep safe, special options for LGBT travelers, or simply where to find the kind of music you like to dance to. No matter if you want to rage at Ibiza or just chill on some dunes smoking shisha, 101 Places has something for you.

So, hop a flight, raise a glass, and join us as we breach security, ride ill-recommended ferries, and hike miles into the wilderness all in search of the parties and places going off right now.

Matador Network; Edited by David S. Miller

Advance Praise for "101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die"""101 Places" is the kind of book I wish they'd asked me to contribute to. Not because I could have made it any better, but because the thing is just so much damn fun."--Chuck Thompson, author of "Better Off Without 'Em" and "To Hellholes and Back""Finally, a travel guide for those of us who reckon an exciting vacation we can't entirely remember is far superior to a dull one we can."--Frank Kelly Rich, Editor "Modern Drunkard Magazine"


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Herausgeber Matador Network, David S. Miller
Seitenzahl 256
Erscheinungsdatum 01.04.2014
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-250-03558-5
Verlag Macmillan US
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  • 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die

    The Ultimate Travel Guide to Partying Around the World

    A Book from Matador Network

    Edited by David S. Miller

    Table of Contents



    1. BLOWOUT

    1. Burning Man

    2. Coachella

    3. Glastonbury

    4. Carnaval Humahuaqueño

    5. Cervantino

    6. La Tomatina

    7. Boryeong Mud Festival

    8. St. Patrick's Day

    9. Full Moon Party

    10. Holi

    11. Koninginnedag

    12. Oktoberfest

    13. Mardi Gras


    14. Whistler, British Columbia

    15. Anchorage, Alaska

    16. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

    17. Dawson City, Yukon

    18. Kathmandu, Nepal

    19. La Paz, Bolivia

    20. Portland, Oregon

    21. Machu Picchu, Peru

    22. Lukla (Mount Everest)

    23. Salta, Argentina

    24. Vancouver, British Columbia

    25. Zilina, Slovakia


    26. McMurdo Station, Antarctica

    27. Bucharest, Romania

    28. Oxford, United Kingdom

    29. Davis, California

    30. Johannesburg, South Africa

    31. Harare, Zimbabwe

    32. Rotterdam, Holland

    33. St. John's, Newfoundland

    34. Padova, Italy

    35. Valparaiso, Chile

    36. Chengdu, China

    37. Ghent, Belgium

    38. Portland, Maine

    39. Reykjavik, Iceland

    40. Tiraspol, Transnistria

    4. DIRTBAG

    41. Goa, India

    42. Chisinau, Moldova

    43. Antigua, Guatemala

    44. Bangkok, Thailand

    45. Cairo, Egypt

    46. Kiev, Ukraine

    47. Mexico City, Mexico

    48. Nairobi, Kenya

    49. Phuket, Thailand

    50. Suzhou, China


    51. Austin, Texas

    52. Belfast, Northern Ireland

    53. Madrid, Spain

    54. Brooklyn, NY

    55. Brussels, Belgium

    56. Cape Town, South Africa

    57. Chicago, Illinois

    58. Dusseldorf, Germany

    59. Glasgow, Scotland

    60. Halifax, Nova Scotia

    61. Long Island, New York

    62. Lisbon, Portugal

    63. Los Angeles, California

    64. Berlin, Germany

    65. Savannah, Georgia

    6. SPENDY

    66. Charleston, South Carolina

    67. London, United Kingdom

    68. Copenhagen, Denmark

    69. Delhi, India

    70. Hong Kong, China

    71. Bombay, India

    72. Macau, China

    73. Disney World

    74. Oslo, Norway

    75. Sao Paulo, Brazil

    76. Seoul, South Korea

    77. Singapore

    78. Tokyo, Japan

    79. Washington, D.C.


    80. San Diego, California

    81. Raglan, New Zealand

    82. Bali, Indonesia

    83. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    84. Ibiza, Spain

    85. Melbourne, Australia

    86. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    87. Atlantic Island, North Carolina

    88. Utila, Honduras

    89. Zanzibar, Tanzania

    8. BALLER

    90. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    91. Barcelona, Spain

    92. Brighton, United Kingdom

    93. Montreal, Quebec

    94. Las Vegas, Nevada

    95. Edinburgh, Scotland

    96. New York City, New York

    97. Prague, Czech Republic

    98. Rome, Italy

    99. West Hollywood, California

    100. Tel Aviv, Israel

    101. San Francisco, California