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The Nations Within

The Past and Future of American Indian Sovereignity


The message of The Nations Within is an urgent on, and should be read by anyone concerned with American Indian affairs today.

"Those of us who try to understand what is happening in North American Indian communities have learned to see Vine Delora, Jr., both as an influential actor in the ongoing drama and also as its most knowledgeable interpreter. This new book on Indian self-rule is the most informative that I have seen in my own half-century of reading. Deloria and his co-author focus on John Collier's struggle with both the U.S. Congress and the Indian tribes to develop a New Deal for Indians fifty years ago. It is a blow-by-blow historical account, perhaps unique in the literature, which may be the only way to show the full complexity of American Indian relations with federal and state governments. This makes it possible in two brilliant concluding chapters to clarify Indian points of view and to build onto initiatives that Indians have already taken to suggest which of these might be most useful for them to pursue. The unheeded message has been clear throughout history, but now we see how-if we let Indians do it their way-they might more quickly than we have imagined rebuild their communities."
-Sol Tax, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Chicago
Vine Deloria, Jr., is the author of, among other books, Custer Died for Your Sins, God is Red, Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties, The Metaphysics of Modern Existence, and We Talk, You Listen. A member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, he was executive director of the National Congress of American Indians from 1964 to 1967, and holds degrees in both theology and law. Clifford M. Lytle teaches and researches in the areas of constitutional law and the judicial process at the University of Arizona, where he is professor of political science. He is the author of The Warren Court and Its Critics and co-author, with Vine Deloria, Jr., of American Indians, American Justice, and, with Richard Cortner, of Modern Constitutional Law and Constitutional Politics in Arizona.
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