The Internet for Orthopaedists

The Internet is the ultimate amalgamation of the Information Age and the Communication Age. It is a technology that took 40 years to become an overnight sensation, moving from the province of computer geeks to household utility in short order, once it was discovered. We have gone from thinking a URL was a form of alien presence to viewing it as a n- ural footnote to bus advertising. Like the Internet itself, interest in computing, both local and distant, has grown exponentially. Now grandmothers send e-mails to their sto- brokers, meals are planned and the groceries purchased across the Web, and music videos can be previewed or concert tickets purchased—all with the help of the Internet. When our children come home from school, they are as likely to sign on to the Internet as they are to turn on the tele- sion. The Internet is a universal commodity, for those with access.
From the reviews:
"This work of great actuality is divided up into seven big chapters. Like all the works already existing and devoted to computers, the work includes very numerous pictures under the form of screen photographs . This excellent manual is intended for all those who are passionate about the Internet under the condition that they are familiar with Shakespeare s language, and it is recommended to young orthopaedists, practically those concerned by this matter, as well as to seniors who are accustomed to the Web." (Pierre Kehr, European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, Vol. 14 (1), 2004)
"The unique compilation of orthopaedic-specific information addresses the needs of the orthopaedic surgeon to find quality information for handling the growing volume of patient s queries and managing internet resources professionally and securely. take this book as an invitation to look for oneself and learn how to do it. A glossary of internet terminology is also very useful. This book is a good guide to find out how to use the internet as an orthopaedic surgeon, an orthopaedic resident or a physical therapist." (N. Allington, Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, Vol. 69 (3), 2003)
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  • From the contents:
    - The Basics
    - Connecting to the Internet
    - What can the Internet do for the Orthopedic Surgeon?
    - Searching the Internet
    - Internet Applications
    - Orthopaedic Web Pages
    - Issues: The Future of the Orthopaedic Internet
    - Glossary of Common Terms
    - Index
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