The Jack-Roller: A Delinquent Boy's Own Story

2013 Reprint of 1930 Edition. Exact facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. In nineteenth and early Twentieth Century America a Jack Roller was a guy who hung around the skid row sections of big cities and robbed those unwise enough to get visibly drunk by beating them up and stealing their valuables. Vivid, engaging and authentic, this is the autobiography of a delinquent-his experiences, influences, attitudes, and values. The "Jack-Roller" helped to establish the life-history or "own story" as an important instrument of sociological research. The book remains as relevant today to the study and treatment of juvenile delinquency and maladjustment as it was when originally published in 1930.

I. Value of Delinquent Boy's Own Story
II. History of Stanley's Behavior Difficulties
III. Stanley's Social and Cultural Background
Stanley's Own Story
IV. Starting Down Grade
V. The Baby Bandhouse
VI. Getting Educated
VII. The Lure of the Underworld
VIII. Mingling in High Society
IX. Out, but an Outcast
X. Hitting the Road
XI. Back to My Pals
XII. The House of "Corruption"
XIII. Summary of Case and Social Treatment
Discussion. Ernest W. Burgess

I. Places of Residence, Male Juvenile Delinquents, 1926
II. Places of Residence, Adult Male Offenders, 1920

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