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The Borribles Go For Broke

The Borrible Trilogy: Book Two

The second book in this rebellious adventure for readers of all ages, set in a shadowy, alternate London. This edition features extra material, such as a heartfelt introduction to the trilogy by author China Miéville, who says 'the Borribles were, and are, my heroes'. Neil Gaiman has also said that 'the Borribles - pointy eared street children, battling the police and evil rodents in the alleys and underground of a mythic London - were remarkable, and definitely were one of the streams that fed into Neverwhere.'

Chalotte, a Borrible from Whitechapel, very nearly lost her life on the Great Rumble Hunt. This dangerous adventure across the city, into the heart of their rat-like enemy's territory, meant several good friends were left for dead. And all to retain the Rumble's treasure chest. To Chalotte, the treasure was evil, went against Borrible principles and she had sworn never to go on another adventure. But when Chalotte and other Rumble Hunt survivors discover that Sam the horse is in danger, they know they have no choice. Borribles always help their friends. And their attempts to rescue Sam lead them into the second Great Borrible Adventure...

These wonderful books have many fans, including Cory Doctorow who says they are, 'among my most favourite examples of both YA literature and literature about London ... adventure, thrills, chases, fights, camaraderie, nobility, betrayal: everything you could possibly ask for.'

This ebook edition features extra material, including some not seen in previous editions of the book. In addition to China Miéville's introduction, you'll find a map of the London territories explored. You'll also discover colourful descriptions of the wonderful cast of characters.
Michael De Larrabeiti
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Seitenzahl 288 (Printausgabe)
Altersempfehlung 12 - 99
Erscheinungsdatum 13.02.2014
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781447262657
Verlag Pan Macmillan
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