Pushing the Edge - A Bdsm Guide for Curious Couples Who Want to Explore Kinky Fantasies, Taboo Desires, & Forbidden Pleasures

"Shhh... Nobody has to know you're reading this book."

If you're wondering what it's like to have a "50 Shades" experience, you're not the only one. And if you're looking for more from your sex life and a deeper connection with your partner, this book is for you.

You don't have to tell anybody you're curious about BSDM - most people don't. But know you're not alone... In a recent (and anonymous) survey, 40% of couples admitted to having tried "light bondage."

I've taken all the things your neighbors, co-workers, and friends are doing behind closed doors and put them here...in an easy-to-understand book that explains everything you need to know (in a simple way).

You'll learn:

- 10 Myths About Submissive Women - Who really has the control?
- Powerful "psychological" tactics you can use to control your partner's experience
- How to Act Out a "Scene" - My suggestions for beginners...
- Simple things you can do during a scene to build sexual tension and leave your partner eagerly waiting for more...
- 6 Safety Rules for Rope - Including the one thing you should never agree to...
- Ways to communicate with your partner that build trust and make sure your needs are met
- 7 Verbal Domination Roleplays - WARNING: Some are "Taboo"
- Practical Considerations - Like what to do when one of your kids knocks on the door...
- How to be Safe - Like the 7 things you must do when you're with a new partner
- 11 Submissive Positions - Your partner will love these (and you will too)

We'll keep it between us - nobody needs to know and, unless you tell, nobody will.

Get this book and explore your deepest sexual fantasies today!
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Seitenzahl 156
Erscheinungsdatum 14.02.2014
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-60842-307-1
Verlag Red Pill Pub
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