Dissenting Words

Interviews with Jacques Rancière 1976-2012

This lively and thought-provoking collection of interviews with Jacques Ranciere provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of his thought, from its beginnings during the Red Years in France to its most recent formulations. It supplements Ranciere's scholarly and theoretical works with his reflections on the continuities, turns, ruptures and deviations in his thought. It does so in a conversational style replete with informative asides into current events and draws upon examples ranging from the history of the workers' struggle to literature, cinema and the arts - all of which we have learned to associate with Ranciere. The interview format offers an accessible introduction to some of Ranciere's more complex theoretical formulations and key concepts. References to concrete contemporary political issues help to clarify the origins and significance of his interventions and their influence on his philosophy. The range of interviews from the course of Ranciere's career provides an overview of the development of his thinking and its position in the context of political history.


Jacques Ranciere taught at the University of Paris VIII, France, from 1969 to 2000, occupying the Chair of Aesthetics and Politics from 1990 until his retirement. Emiliano Battista is the translator of Jacques Ranciere's Althusser's Lesson (2011) and Film Fables (2006).

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