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Jenkins, J: World Englishes

A Resource Book for Students

Routledge English Language Introductions Band 7

Jannet Jenkins

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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This book offers an accessible but stimulating overview of Global Englishes, raising awareness of all the crucial issues, and providing ample reader activities and discussion topics, as well as key readings.

Jennifer Jenkins is Professor of Global Englishes and founding director of the Centre for Global Englishes at the University of Southampton.


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  • A Introduction: key topics in Global Englishes The historical, social, and political context Who speaks English today? Standard language ideology in the Anglophone world Variation across post-colonial Englishes Pidgin and creole languages English as an international lingua franca English in Asia and Europe The future of Global Englishes B Development: implications and issues The legacy of colonialism The English Today debate Standards across Anglophone space 'Legitimate' and 'illegitimate' offspring of English Characteristics of pidgin and creole languages The nature of ELF communication En route to new standard Englishes Possible future scenarios C Exploration: current debates in global Englishes Postcolonial Africa and North America Teaching and testing global Englishes Standards across channels 'Sub'-varieties of English: the example of Singlish Creole developments in the UK and US ELF and education Asian Englishes: focus on India, Hong Kong and China Language killer or language promoter? D Extension: readings in Global Englishes The discourses of postcolonialism (Alastair Pennycook) Who owns English today? (Henry G. Widdowson) Is language (still) power in the Inner Circle? (Lesley Milroy, Alfred Lee and Dennis Bloodworth) From language to literature (Chinua Achebe and Ngugi wa Thiong'o) The status of pidgin languages in education (Samuel Atechi) The challenge of testing ELF (Jennifer Jenkins and Constant Leung) Attitudes to non-native Englishes in China and mainland Europe (Ying Wang, Ulrich Ammon) Looking ahead (Alastair Pennycook)