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Random Acts

A Novel

John Burke

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Random Acts is Book I of the Hard Winter series.

Chuck Truett never imagined himself a bank robber, but when he realizes that the big banks and their sock-puppets in Congress have conspired to steal the wealth of the middle class, and the Rule of Law doesn't apply to the elite, he decides to rob the thieves. He's lost just about everything that mattered anyway, he might as well go down swinging.

His timing couldn't be much worse: the day he chooses for his first bank robbery is the day the global financial system crashes and the proverbial "shit hits the fan" in America. The president declares a preemptive bank holiday to prevent runs on the banks, but this move spooks the nation and adds fuel to the fire. As fear turns into panic, ATMs are emptied, grocery store shelves are picked clean, and gas pumps run dry.

Now Chuck, along with Jasmine, the 15-year-old daughter of a family friend, and Brody, a disenfranchised ex-Marine, must escape the escalating chaos in Florida and fight their way to the safety of his family property in the north Georgia mountains as the cities explode in riots, gangs of militant thugs roam the countryside, and the government cracks down across the country with nationwide martial law.


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