Upgrading SAP

The Comprehensive Guide. Master the SAP upgrade process, from project management to technical steps. Learn how to perform AS ABAP and Java upgrades: MOpz, Software Update Manager, and more. Find out what you need to know for product-specific upgrades

There's more to upgrading your SAP system than just pressing a button. Here's the next-best thing: a comprehensive guide to the upgrade process. You'll understand project planning and processes, how to use upgrade tools in ABAP and Java systems, and how to upgrade individual products like SAP Solution Manager, SAP BW, SAP CRM, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP PI and SAP PO, and more. Finally, everything you need to perform successful SAP upgrades!

In this book, you’ll learn about:

Project Planning
Don’t embark on your upgrade journey unprepared. Understand how to plan for the project, and get to know the system architecture, upgrade tools, and strategies that you’ll need to be successful.

Upgrade Processes
Find the steps you’ll need to upgrade Java and ABAP systems, modify SAP objects, and learn how to use the right tools for these processes.

Upgrading SAP Components
Each SAP component has a unique flavor. Get what you need to upgrade each of the major components, including SAP BW, SAP CRM, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Process Integration, and more.


  • Project planning

  • Technical planning

  • ABAP and Java upgrades

  • SAP Enterprise Portal

  • SAP Process Orchestration

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI

  • Upgrade process and preparation

  • Upgrade tools

  • Modifying SAP objects


  • Enhancement packages

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Mark Mergaerts is Principal Technology Consultant at SAP Belgium and has more than ten years experience with SAP Basis. His consulting activities, mainly with large SAP accounts, concentrate on the key areas of system administration, database management, upgrades and installations, performance and workload analysis, and OS/DB migrations. He also teaches advanced database administration and SAP performance classes to an international audience.

Bert Vanstechelman works as an independent SAP Basis Consultant and has approximately ten years of SAP experience. His most recent long-term assignments have been in SAP Basis Consulting roles running all kinds of SAP versions in combination with all possible databases and operating systems supported by SAP. Bert specializes in SAP hardware infrastructures, high availability, SAP installations, release upgrades, BW and SCM from a technical point of view and OS/DB migrations. Bert is a frequent contributor to the SAP Professional Journal and panel expert for SAP release upgrades and OS/DB migrations on SearchSAP.com’s „ask the expert“ feature.

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