The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations


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Clive Merrison and Michael Williams star as Holmes and Watson in this collection of of twelve stories from the unique fully dramatised BBC Radio 4 canon, based on Arthur Conan Doyle's original short stories.

The twelve dramatisations are
A Scandal in Bohemia;
The Red-Headed League;
A Case of Identity;
The Boscombe Valley Mystery;
The Five Orange Pips;
The Man with the Twisted Lip;
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle;
The Adventure of the Speckled Band;
The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb;
The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor;
The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet;
The Adventure of the Copper Beeches.
Arthur Conan Doyle was born on 22 May 1859 in Edinburgh into a prosperous Irish family. He trained as a doctor, gaining his degree from Edinburgh University in 1881. He worked as a surgeon on a whaling boat and also as a medical officer on a steamer travelling between Liverpool and West Africa. He then settled in Portsmouth on the English south coast and divided his time between medicine and writing.

Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in A Study of Scarlet, published in 'Beeton's Christmas Annual' in 1887. Its success encouraged Conan Doyle to write more stories involving Holmes but, in 1893, Conan Doyle killed off Holmes, hoping to concentrate on more serious writing. A public outcry later made him resurrect Holmes. In addition, Conan Doyle wrote a number of other novels, including The Lost World and various non-fictional works. These included a pamphlet justifying Britain's involvement in the Boer War, for which he was knighted and histories of the Boer War and World War One, in which his son, brother and two of his nephews were killed. Conan Doyle also twice ran unsuccessfully for parliament. In later life he became very interested in spiritualism.

Conan Doyle died of a heart attack on 7 July 1930.
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Medium CD
Sprecher Clive Merrison, Full Cast, Michael Williams
Erscheinungsdatum 18.12.2014
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781910281772
Verlag Random House UK
Spieldauer 525 Minuten
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Durch diese Neuauflage von 12 Sherlock Holmes Geschichten, wird dem heutigen Leser noch einmal die grandiose Darstellung eines Menschen gegeben, der, zum Trotz anderer, mithilfe seines engsten Freundes Dr. Watson, jeden nur erdenklichen Fall lösen kann. Ein Muss für jeden Detektiv- und Doyle-Fan!