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Bondage Hotel

The lovely redhead Hazel is a small town girl with exactly the innocence and charm that Miles Hetherington is looking for. Under his influence, the naive 22 year old gives in to her repressed sexual desires, and when Miles invites her to work for him at his London Hotel she jumps at the chance. What Hazel doesn't realize is that Miles is an experienced Master with the intention of turning her into a full time sexual slave to serve at his newest enterprise, Bondage Hotel. She'll be trained to serve as maid, waitress and sexual toy for the wealthy guests. As one of several hotel slaves, she'll be tethered to a ceiling track running through every room. Any sign of resistance will be punished with cruel efficiency until she learns to obey. As a frightened Hazel tours the unique facilities of Bondage Hotel while stringently locked into steel cuffs, she shudders at the sight of Miles' fully-equipped bondage dungeon. The trembling girl is horrified to discover that her body and mind respond with shameful excitement to the stark reality of her plight. To her shame, she cannot hide or deny her unwanted arousal. As Hazel's training continues, her conditioned sexual responses grow even stronger until she is forced to accept that her slavery is no longer against her will, and that her submission to Miles brings her more fulfillment than she had ever dreamed possible. Soon there are more unsuspecting females joining Hazel at Bondage Hotel. As their lives entwine, they suffer the pain of stringent bondage, exacting discipline, slave positions, pony girl training and savage punishment, while relishing the wild pleasures of both straight and lesbian sex.
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Seitenzahl 133 (Printausgabe)
Erscheinungsdatum 26.03.2008
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781936173099
Verlag Pink Flamingo Publications
Dateigröße 2100 KB
Verkaufsrang 64.114
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