Enterprise Drupal 8 Development

For Advanced Projects and Large Development Teams

Building and maintaining an enterprise-ready Drupal website presents a unique set of challenges and complexities. From development processes and content management to deployments, version control and more, all aspects of Drupal development are impacted when two or more developers are on a project. If you are involved in a Drupal project that requires frequent updates and long-term support from a team of developers, system administrators, and end-users, Enterprise Drupal 8 Development is for you.

Enterprise Drupal 8 Development covers everything you need to know to successfully architect a Drupal 8 website that scales to meet project requirements of any size and scope. Starting with a one-chapter review of Drupal basics that can be useful to developers, sysadmins, and content-creators alike, it dives into deeper topics including software development processes, architecting a Drupal site, scaling Drupal, DevOps and server administration best practices, creating APIs, working effectively with themes, and more. In addition to a thorough discussion of custom module development and how to develop modules as building blocks, this book also reviews many common ways of integrating Drupal with other 3rd party systems.

Whether you're an experienced Drupal developer looking to expand your skills, a systems administrator managing a Drupal project, or a PHP developer new to Drupal, Enterprise Drupal 8 Development will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to manage large and complex projects.

What You'll Learn:

. How to architect Drupal for development teams with multiple developers

. Software engineering practices best-suited for large Drupal projects

. Best practices for integrating 3rd party applications with Drupal

. How to manage content, code, and configuration across multiple staging environments

. How to build a consistent user experience for administrators and content creators

Who This Book Is For:

The Primary audience for this book is:

. Intermediate to advanced Drupal Developers who are working on large-scale Drupal projects

. Advanced PHP developers new to Drupal

The secondary audience for this book is:

. IT Professionals such as Systems Administrators managing Drupal projects


Todd Tomlinson is recognized globally for his expertise in Drupal and Backdrop. He is the author of Pro Drupal 7 Development, Beginning Drupal 7, Beginning Drupal 8, Migrating from Drupal to Backdrop and this book, Beginning Backdrop CMS. Todd is a frequent contributing author to Drupal Watchdog, the Drupal magazine, and has been the featured guest on several podcasts, including Acquia and Drupal Easy.

Todd has worked with Drupal for the past 12 years, and has built hundreds of Drupal sites for large media companies, global publishers, higher education, manufacturers, retailers, state and local government. His involvement in the Internet began in the late 1980's when he led the technology team at one of the National Science Foundation's supercomputing centers, and became the primary focus of his consulting career in the early 1990's. He developed Netscape Communications training programs and trained the early pioneers in the Internet and continued on with Netscape as he marched around the world implementing Netscape's server products. Todd was also the Senior Director of Oracle Corporation's eBusiness Strategic Services practice and has travelled the world speaking on the future of business on the Internet and helping organizations adopt new business strategies, models, and technologies. Today you will find him filling the role of Senior Enterprise Drupal Architect, helping multi-billion dollar corporations fully embrace the capabilities of Drupal as an enterprise application platform.

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