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Willow Wood Estate and Madeline Smythe

Rollin Hand

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A pair of novelettes containing over 29,000 words, Willow Wood Estate and Madeline Smythe will surely delight fans of pure erotic spanking fiction.

In WILLOW WOOD ESTATE, a young student, Amy Munson, is offered the job of cataloging a library at a remote country estate, presided over by the formidable and dominant Athena Winslow. Amy makes two discoveries very early on. One, Athena Winslow is a music teacher who employs very unconventional methods of discipline to motivate her students, all of whom are female, and two, the library collection contains lurid pornography featuring all manner of spankings and whippings, with Athena herself in many of the folios. Then there are Athena's friends, a very unususal collection of women who arrive for a weekend of sensual spanking delights. Amy is invited to join in the festivities, but these ladies are serious devotees of the rod and fortitude will be required for all who participate in these games.

In MADELINE SMYTHE a chance meeting between a family friend and a nubile coed leads to an odd disciplinary encounter. It seems that the coed, one Shelly Coleman, has been advised by her faculty mentor, Madeline Smythe, that she should be forcefully disciplined for poor grades.The friend, an attorney named Ray Slater, is enlisted to dispense the discipline which results in well warmed bottoms for both Miss Coleman and, surprisingly, Miss Smythe herself. Now convinced of Ray's expertise, the ladies ask him to join them for a country weekend to do a little play acting for the benefit of Shelly's Great Aunt Bertha, an eccentric but wealthy widow who believes Shelly needs strict discipline. Playing the part of Shelly's guardian, Ray sets out to demonstrate for Aunt Bertha's edification, just what happens to naughty girls who slack off in their studies.

I like to think I write the uncommon spanking story. Not the usual thing-- the summons to the principal's office, the schoolgirl caught smoking, the wife overcharging the credit card. No, I am a writer of erotic spanking fiction, but my stories are different. It's not just about spanking. Instead of a "spanking story" it's a "story with spanking." I try to infuse my stories with interesting plots and interesting characters so that they are fully realized original creations, stories that go beyond the tired clichés so common to the genre.

I've been writing since 1999, but when I started I did it mostly for my own enjoyment. It hasn't been until fairly recently that I made an attempt to bring my writings into wider public view. At first I was just a reader, a consumer of erotic spanking fiction. I read all of the classic Victorian literature and the then popular pulp fiction writers of the day like Paul Little and Will Henry. But then I discovered I liked to write.

I wrote in two distinct periods, from 1999 to 2003, and more recently in 2010-2012. The writings in the early period can be characterized as an attempt to recreate the style of the pulp fiction writers of the sixties and seventies. In the more recent period I have focused on writing stories with more robustly developed characters and stronger plot lines. The idea was to write so that the story could stand on its own, and not be regarded as a mere "spanking story" following a stereotypical plot line.

I write in a wide range of styles and genres. My stories are M/F, F/F, and F/M, sometimes with the orientations mixed in the same story. My genres include contemporary romance, domestic drama, college sorority tales, mystery/thrillers, historical romance, western romance, humor and fantasy. Although most of my works are short fiction and novellas, I have written three novel length works, "Atonement" a private eye-type mystery, "Flash Gordon and the Menace from Mongo" a sci-fi adventure, and "LaForge" a supernatural thriller trilogy. These are slated for publication in 2013.


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