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Four Sex Rituals: Jessica's Story (a paranormal secret society erotica bundle)

From an innocent virgin intern to a fashion star who has it all... Read all about Jessica's sexed-up adventures with the elite and powerful secret society,The Order, and the mysterious and demonic Ancient One!

All four books of the first Ritual series are included in this bundle, totaling over 20,000 hot, hot, hot words!

Book One: Ritual Gangbang
Ambitious but innocent Jessica Landry is desperate to move on from being just an intern. She wants a taste of real success!
When her sexy and wildly successful boss learns that she's a virgin, he offers her a way to make all of her dreams come true... But the price is steeper than she ever imagined.
Does Jessica have it in her to exchange her virginity to advance her career in a secret society's gangbang ritual?

Book Two: Ritual Sex Pact
Since sacrificing her virginity in a secret society's ritual gangbang, innocent and ambitious Jessica Landry's luck has completely turned around. She's gone from a lowly intern to a fashion star on the rise, and she's loving every second of her newfound success and power.
But the ritual's effects have an expiration date that's right around the corner, and Jessica's not ready to say goodbye to her fabulous new life. Can she handle being the sacrifice at another group sex ritual to gain the favor of the demonic Ancient One, and attain even more wealth and success?

Book Three: Ritual Demon Breeding
Ambitious Jessica Landry's gained unbelievable wealth and success since joining the mysterious Order and participating in their sex rituals. But she wants even more.
The demonic Ancient One promises to fulfill all of her wildest dreams... For a price. Will Jessica go through with her side of the deal, and allow the demon to impregnate her with his monstrously huge cock?

Book Four: Ritual Lactation
Jessica Landry's fucked her way through the demonic Ancient One and his disciples of The Order to get everything she's ever wanted, and it worked. Her career is on fire, she's got a gorgeous penthouse, and an adorable half-demon baby.
She has everything she could ever want... Almost. She's horny as hell, and plain old human men just don't do it for her, not after kinky ritual gangbangs and demon sex. Vanilla isn't exactly enticing once you've had all 31 flavors, and then some.
When the Ancient One pops up for a late night visit, she knows she's in for the mind-blowing sex she's been missing. But she learns that he's interested in a different kind of flavor: Jessica's milk.

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