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Bree's Sister: Cuff the Wolves (BDSM BBW Werewolf Romance)

BBW Paranormal Romance

Bree's Sister: Cuff the Wolves (BDSM BBW Werewolf Romance)

Delia's relationship with her curvy sister Bree had always been competitive. They were both Big, Beautiful and competent women. When Bree announces she's now engaged to a werewolf, big girl Delia's first response was to dismiss it. But after a lot of thought, Delia waited for the next full moon to rise, prepared to meet some wolves of her own. As a BDSM Dominatrix, the idea of having sex boy toys who didn't need a safe word because werewolves healed so quickly got her excited on many levels. The moon is full. Howls fill the air. The real question is—will the werewolves survive this determined and very kinky woman? (An adults only erotic romance featuring explicit sex, BDSM, extensive pegging, cbt and humiliation of three male werewolves.)



Oh, yeah--there went the howls. I glanced at the clock--the exact time Google had let me know moon rise would be.  Now I just had to spread my legs and wait. Bree had finally confided in me a lot of werewolves were apprehensive about doing it with most human women because they were so skinny they looked like they would snap like a toothpick.  I often felt the same way. But Bree explained women of size were valued because we were obviously strong enough to take whatever we were given. Hell, I learned long ago not to wait for what I was given. I had learned to start taking. I wondered how long it would take for somebody like Mikah to show up.


I could smell the mixture of fresh pussy mingled in with the weird combination of floral scents that obviously didn't belong in a rainforest. I shot forward and skidded to a stop when I saw the largest RV I had ever seen. I panted for a moment, cooling off, but also catching on my tongue that puzzling something that wasn't shampoo or cologne that almost masked the fragrance of pussy.


I kept looking out the window, waiting for what Bree called a "Furry-American." I just hoped after her description they didn't stay in wolf form. That would be beyond kinky even for me. PETA would probably hear about it and hunt me down. I heard something near the door and left the driver's seat.  I had kept the main door open with the screen door shut. Sure enough, a big gray wolf had his tongue hanging out, looking expectantly at the RV. "Looking for something, Big Boy?" I opened the screen door, showing off my assets. I don't know if a beautiful sexy woman wasn't what a werewolf saw every full moon and he was in shock, but his eyes grew wide and I swear his tongue hung out even more. As I watched, his amber eyes took on a more golden color.

I turned and called over my shoulder, "So are you coming in?" Just like a man, his ears perked up and he jumped up on the step and followed me.

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