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Queen of the Masquerade ball (Naughty Shemale Erotica

"I like a man not afraid to show his feminine side," she had told Kyle before they parted ways at the last Masquerade Ball. This year, he is going all out to get her affection.
What he doesn't know is her name, what she looks like under that leather mask, or frankly anything at all about her. What he does know is how hot she looked in the sexy little cop costume she wore last year.
This year's mission- Find her and take her back to his Presidential Suite at the hotel for a hot night of primal lust, sex and passion.
But his mystery woman has her own dark secrets, a plan for Kyle and she is not alone this year. Can he win her over, or will he hit his knees and submit to her every whim?
This scorching hot 8200 word short story is the tale of lust strong enough to make Kyle dress as a woman, and a dominant shemale who loves to publicly humiliate men into surrendering to her. Be prepared for a graphic and explicit read that is intended for Mature Audiences Only!

Outside the safety of my room fear and anxiety wrenched my gut and made my heart thump against my ribcage.

" I need more liquor to do this," I muttered and nearly jumped back through the door of the suite.

Another mini bottle of whisky, and one of vodka flowed rapidly down my throat as I sought enough liquid courage to make my first ever public appearance as a woman.

My toes wiggled nervously in the thick carpet, and reminded me I had not even donned my heels. Back into the suitcase I went, and pulled out a pair of four inch stiletto pumps that the clerk in the shoe store promised would give my ass more shape. Who would have thought such a thing was even possible!

The alcohol began to take effect as I once again stepped into the hall. This time I quickly shut the door behind me to ensure I could not dive back into the safety and comfort of my own room easily.

"Showtime," I said under my breath as the elevator arrived to whisk me away.

My stomach felt as though two sumo wrestlers were in the heat of battle inside it, and the drop of the elevator only made matters worse. A soft chime announced my arrival on the main floor, and the doors slid open to expose me to the world.

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Erscheinungsdatum 10.09.2013
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781498985062
Verlag Renee Constantine
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