Public Policy Argumentation and Debate

A Practical Guide for Advocacy

Through an exclusive focus on public policy advocacy as a practical endeavor, Philip Dalton and John R. Butler depart from approaches to debate education that focus on the rules of simulated, academic debate formats. Beginning with the assumption that readers have already developed a basic capacity to argue, they offer practical guidance for determining the fundamental issues that make up a controversy and what expectations public audiences will have for advocacy based on the issues and the burdens of advocates challenging or defending the status quo. Through examples that span a wide range of advocacy situations and subjects of contemporary importance, the authors build a framework for public policy advocacy that is organic to the communication discipline, recover and refresh foundational lessons about the uses of evidence, and provide critical questions that can be used to develop and communicate policy proposals that are sensible and appealing. Written in an accessible, respectful, and motivational style, the book is suitable for students of debate, professionals who function as advocates, and people who find themselves wishing to voice their opinion on an issue of concern.

"... lucidly presented, and made even more accessible through its use of contemporary examples and case studies. It will become standard reading in all of my courses where public discourse and political advocacy are central concerns, and argument a necessary skill - which is to say, all of them." (Charlton McIlwain, New York University)
"... balance[s] rigorous argumentation concepts with the realistic needs of students and citizen advocates for whom a course might be their only formal advocacy training ... ideal for use as a main text for general guidance in the practice of advocacy." (David Worth, Rice University)
"... explores the theories and practical applications of argumentation and debate through examples and activities that meet students where they live ... basic tools for students to unravel and participate in public policy arguments in a wide variety of settings." (Diana Bartelli Carlin, Saint Louis University)

Philip Dalton (PhD, University of Oklahoma) is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Rhetoric at Hofstra University. He studies political communication and public discourse and teaches, among other courses, political communication and argumentation and debate. &ltBR> John R. Butler (PhD, University of Pittsburgh) has worked as a debate coach, communication professor, and consultant. He serves as the Director of Communication and Strategy for the Painters District Council No. 30 and its affiliated funds, a labor union located in Aurora, Illinois.

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