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Band 1: No. 1-33. op. 63. Klarinette in B.

Carl Baermann

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The clarinet method op. 63 by Carl Baermann from 1867 is still a standard work in classical clarinet education today. The thoroughly revised new edition aims at reviewing the educational concept, which is still valid today, for modern lessons, adjusting the music and texts, and sensibly complementing the teaching contents.
The editor who draws on many years of experience as a clarinettist in an orchestra and university lecturer of clarinet has succeeded in adapting the valuable teaching material to the requirements of today while maintaining the basic methodology. The result is a total of 7 volumes:

* Clarinet Method Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (ED 21761, ED 21762)
* Clarinet Method Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, with 2 CDs each (ED 21761-50, ED 21762-50): The CDs contain the piano accompaniment for the performance pieces, with and without clarinet
* Tune Book 1 and 2 (ED 21763, ED 21764): piano score of the method's performance pieces, with additional inserted clarinet part
* Daily Exercises (ED 21765): systematic scale, interval and chord exercises in all keys, complemented and published separately from the original method

Due to trilingual nature of all editions (German, English, French), they can be used universally.

About the revision:
The musical text is based on the first edition of the method. Only a few differences concerning the articulation as well as some misprints and typographical errors were revised. By deleting the historical fingering instructions for the German fingering system, the clarinet method not only has a clean and, compared to the original, more clearly structured layout, but can also be used universally. The content of the text and the performance directions of the original were linguistically modernized and occasionally extended by further ideas from the teaching practice, such as concepts for warming up, breathing exercises, literature suggestions or tips for daily practising. Further additions of scale and triad studies in all major and minor keys make this method a comprehensive and thorough work of study which not only serves as teaching material for young and adult beginners, but is also a valuable compendium of scale exercises and studies for advanced musicians and is ideal for training velocity and dexterity.

The Clarinet Method Vols. 1 and 2 contain not only scales and technical fingering exercises but also Baermann's popular performance pieces, like Romanze (No. 14), which are ideal as performance pieces, yet at the same time train both technique and musical expressiveness. The systematic scale, interval and chord exercises in all keys, however, were removed and are published separately in the volume Daily Exercises (ED 21765) for reasons of clarity.
The two textbooks are available with or without CDs. The editions with CDs contain two audio CDs each which were recorded live by the editor and which contain a classic audio version of each performance piece as well as a pure piano version for playing along.

clarinet in Bb

op. 63


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 76
Erscheinungsdatum 18.06.2015
Sprache Deutsch
ISBN 978-3-7957-4801-2
Reihe Baermann - Klarinettenschule
Verlag Schott & Co
Maße (L/B) 30,3/23,1 cm
Gewicht 300 g


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