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1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die

You Must Watch Before You Die. Foreword by Steven Moffat

Today, television is experiencing a new golden age. With the arrival of online rental services, the hottest, most addictive series have now become available via a few strokes on a keyboard or a single tap on a tablet. 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die is the one and only book to detail the essential TV Series over the last 50 years. This must-have tome is for fans of good television everywhere and for anyone who wants to know why India's Ramayan is so legendary, why Roots was so groundbreaking, and what on earth the ending of Lost was all about. If you are recovering from devouring True Detectivein one sitting, and are not sure what to add to the Netflix queue, this is the book for you.

Paul Condon has been fascinated by TV since he was a youngster, when just the theme tune of The Pink Panther cartoon could send him scurrying behind the sofa. He has written articles and reviews about TV and film for a wide variety of UK magazines, and has written books on popular culture, the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, the TV show Six Feet Under, the Matrix films, and a comprehensive history of television. Paul has also been involved in organizing more than a dozen TV-related conferences and events, and currently works in the industry helping to promote and support programs.

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ISBN 978-1-84403-833-6
Verlag Octopus Publishing Ltd.
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