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Depression for Dummies

Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott

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"Easy to read & follow - makes recent advances in the treatment

of depression accessible to everyone."
-Steven D. Hollon, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Vanderbilt University

Contains tools, exercises, quizzes, and self-tests to help you defeat depression

Conquer depressive thoughts and bring joy back into your life

You can overcome depression. This friendly, reassuring guide provides strategies to help you make changes, find relief, and take charge of your life (or help someone you love). You'll discover the latest on therapy for relieving your symptoms and preventing relapse, medications, how to find professional help, and ways to regain your confidence and feel good again.

Praise for Depression For Dummies

"Drs. Elliott and Smith include fascinating clinical examples and effective exercises within the most reader-friendly, entertaining format I've seen in a book of this genre."
- Aaron T. Beck, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania

"Elliott & Smith have captured the essence of how to cope with depression. The authors' wisdom combined with humor and warmth will engender hope for those who suffer."
- Dr. Brian F. Shaw, Professor, University of Toronto

Laura L. Smith, PhD and Charles H. Elliott, PhD are both international speakers who have clinical practices specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.


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Seitenzahl 384
Erscheinungsdatum 26.09.2003
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-7645-3900-8
Verlag John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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  • Foreword.


    Part I: Discovering Depression and Preparing a Plan.

    Chapter 1: Demystifying and Defeating Depression.

    Chapter 2: Detecting Depression.

    Chapter 3: Breaking Barriers to Change.

    Chapter 4: Finding Help for Depression.

    Part II: Untwisting Your Thinking: Thought Therapy.

    Chapter 5: Discovering Depression-Driven Thinking.

    Chapter 6: Breaking Up the Dark Clouds of Depressive Thinking.

    Chapter 7: Discovering the Cracked Lenses Behind Depression.

    Chapter 8: Mending Your Memory.

    Part III: Taking Action Against Depression: Behavior Therapy.

    Chapter 9: Getting Out of Bed.

    Chapter 10: Working Out to Lift Depression.

    Chapter 11: Rediscovering Healthy Pleasures.

    Chapter 12: Solving Life's Headaches.

    Part IV: Rebuilding Connections: Relationship Therapy.

    Chapter 13:Working Through Loss, Grief, and Mourning.

    Chapter 14: Relationship Enhancement.

    Part V: Fighting the Physical Foe: Biological Therapies.

    Chapter 15: Prescribing Pleasure.

    Chapter 16: Hype, Help, or Hope? Alternative Treatments for Depression.

    Part VI: Looking Beyond Depression.

    Chapter 17: Reducing the Risk of Relapse.

    Chapter 18: Confronting Depression with Mindfulness.

    Chapter 19: Pursuing Happiness Through Positive Psychology.

    Part VII: The Part of Tens.

    Chapter 20: Ten Ways Out of a Bad Mood.

    Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Help Kids With Depression.

    Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Help a Friend or Lover with Depression.

    Appendix: Resources for You.