A Guide to Hubble Space Telescope Objects

Their Selection, Location, and Significance

From the authors of "How to Find the Apollo Landing Sites," this is a guide to connecting the view above with the history of recent scientific discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope. Each selected HST photo is shown with a sky map and a photograph or drawing to illustrate where to find it and how it should appear from a backyard telescope. Here is the casual observer's chance to locate the deep space objects visually, and appreciate the historic Hubble photos in comparison to what is visible from a backyard telescope. HST objects of all types are addressed, from Messier objects, Caldwell objects, and NGC objects, and are arranged in terms of what can be seen during the seasons. Additionally, the reader is given an historical perspective on the work of Edwin Hubble, while locating and viewing the deep space objects that changed astronomy forever.

Countless people have seen the amazing photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. But how many people can actually point out where in the sky those objects are? Why were these objects chosen to be studied? What discoveries were made from the Hubble Space Telescope photographs? This book is for anyone who wants answers to these questions.

Author – James Chen: Retired Department of the Navy and Federal Aviation Administration Radar and Surveillance Systems Engineer.  Guest lecturer at local Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland astronomy clubs on amateur astronomy topics of eyepiece design, optical filters, urban and suburban  astronomy, and lunar observing.  Author of an Astronomy Magazine article on Dobsonian telescope design in November 1989 issue.  First book, published in June 2014 by Springer, entitled How to Find the Apollo Landings Sites.  Served as a part-time technical and sales consultant for two Washington DC area telescope stores for over 30 years.
Graphics Designer - Adam Chen: Former Program Manager of media support for NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. Creator and executive producer of major NASA publications, including the book and web-book application documenting the history of the Space Shuttle Program “Celebrating 30 Years of the Space Shuttle Program”.  Currently works in marketing for Brown Advisory, an investment firm in Baltimore, MD.
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Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-319-18871-3
Reihe The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series
Verlag Springer
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Auflage 1st ed. 2015
Illustrator Adam Chen
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