Architectural Guide Turin

Widely known as the Italian one-­company town during the ­development of ­Fiat in the 20th century, ­Turin underwent a process of transformation roughly ­20 years ago in its search for a new ­urban identity. The city, situated at the foot of the Alps, has ­become a laboratory for the reconversion of post-industrial heritage, in part ­owing to the Winter Olympics Games that took place in 2006. Manifestations of change have left ­behind significant traces in its urban fabric. Besides its ­industrial ­history, ­Turin can also surprise with its ­baroque architecture – which has brought the city to the forefront of ­international ­popularity among architects – and with masterpieces of Italian modern ­architecture, such as works by Pier Luigi Nervi and Carlo Mollino. The structure of this guide is based upon a ­sequence of 150 ­buildings, some of which date back to 1900. These are introduced in the form of a tour that starts in the Roman centre and ­the ­baroque ­centre and heads towards the city’s outskirts, ­encompassing Ivrea – the city built around the ­Olivetti – and the wineries in the Langhe ­region, recently recognised by ­UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Pictures by Robert Albano et al.
Michela Rosso is an architectural historian living and working in Turin. She ­obtained her PhD at the ­Politecnico di Torino, where since 2001 she has taught the courses of History and Theory of ­Architecture.

Cristiana Chiorino, Giulietta Fassino and Laura Milan are architects with a PhD in History of Architecture. Since 2010 they have been partners of Studio Associato Comunicarch, a member of the international network Guiding Architects.

Roberto Albano is a Professor in ­Urban Planning at Politecnico di ­Torino and a ­researcher at Fondazione Fitzcar­raldo. He has worked on exhibitions such as L‘eredità del Moderno a Torino and 3X50=1: architetture per la capitale.
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