The SIRT Food Diet

The Revolutionary Plan for Health & Weight Loss. Lose 7lb in 7 days. The Original and Official Sirtfood Diet

´A non-faddy diet that offers incredible health benefits and weight loss. Aidan and Glen show how everyone can reap the benefits of the Sirtfood Diet through eating delicious food. I´m a huge fan!´
Lorraine Pascale, TV chef and food writer

Are you looking for a diet that promises easy, effective weight loss?

Do you want to lose fat, not muscle?

Do you want to eat delicious healthy food?

With The Sirtfood Diet all of this is possible.

In this ground-breaking diet book nutrition experts Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten reveal how to switch on your body´s fat-burning powers by eating foods rich in specific natural plant chemicals. These wonder foods are known as Sirtfoods.

Rooted in the authors´ rigorous scientific research, The Sirtfood Diet has been trialled at one of London´s most exclusive health clubs, where it has until now been a well-kept secret. After following the diet, clients experienced consistent and astounding success: 7lbs weight loss in 7 days, with increases in lean muscle.

´A revelation to my diet, with the help of Aidan and Glen, introducing Sirtfoods has allowed me to attain a body composition and wellbeing previously unimaginable´ David Haye, Heavyweight Champion Boxer.

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