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Billionaire Romance Boxed Sets: My Billionaire Trilogy\The Billionaire Bargain Trilogy\My Billionaire Boss Trilogy\In Love with a Billionaire Trilogy

The bundle contains:

‧ My Billionaire Trilogy by M.J. Bradley

‧ The Billionaire Bargain Trilogy by Melody Sanders

‧ My Billionaire Boss Trilogy by Lexi Black

‧ In Love with a Billionaire Trilogy by Tanya Lane


He was tall with long, black hair. He wore a suit, and he wore it well -; it was tight-fitting and hugged his lithe body. He was talking heatedly with another man in a suit near a door marked "employees only." As Molly watched he laughed and patted the other man on the shoulder, and then turned and made to walk away - but then he caught her eye. She suppressed a squeal - she didn't know why, but she would have squealed if she hadn't made the conscious effort to stop it - and looked away.


An urgent flashing of the house lights beckoned the audience back to their seats for the Second Act. Vicki had spent the intermission backstage, chatting with two of her favorite singers who would soon grace the stage once more as the booming baritone Magnifico and his daughter Angelina, a dazzling soprano whose career had reached new heights during these ten, high-profile New York performances.

Vicki couldn't conceal her delight at the absolutely full house. "I guess the new marketing firm really hit one out of the park," she commented quietly to Martin as the lights dimmed. "All ten performances are sold out!"

Her lawyer friend smiled. "It's the inspired leadership they've been getting," he replied. "New blood, new ideas. It's just magnificent." The maestro appeared at the edge of the orchestra pit and received enthusiastic applause. "Although even I would admit that Rossini's genius might have something to do with it," Martin said, raising his voice over the audience's appreciation. "Still, you've broken the glass ceiling yet again, I would say. Bravo, Miss Vydra."


I love it when the trees are so tall they have grown together above the lane so that I am driving in a tunnel of trees, the light just sparkling through the leaves like shiny copper pennies falling from heaven. Of course, I know Copper Ridge Ranch was named for the natural element once found in its soil, and if anything rains down on Marcus Eliott -; it's not copper. It's thousand dollar bills. Do they even make those? If they do, I'm sure Mr. Eliott uses them like tissue paper.

I started Carrie's Catering because I liked to cook and I needed a job. Little did I know I'd spend most of my time being a roadie -; spending more time loading and unloading the van than mixing, baking or frosting all together. But, Copper Ridge Ranch is my flagstone client. They spend so much money and time on catering Mr. Eliott once asked me to consider moving into a guest house and just living here.


Lexi Casmino was busy planning her first getaway since the sudden death of her husband Jerry. She was 41 years-old living in Monroe NY. It was a small city. It was closer to Cleveland than New York City. She once had a boyfriend break up with her, as she was geographically undesirable. Her husband had died of a heart defect that had gone unknown until he dropped dead. Her daughters were Lucy 16- years-old and Mae 13. The latter had inherited the heart defect.

Her three closest friends lived in the Boston area where they had gone to college. They were having a reunion of sorts on Cape Cod. They insisted Lexi join. Her life was chaotic and her sister would gladly keep an eye on the girls.

WARNING: 18+ for mature themes and language.

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