Precision Archery

For Pin-Point Accuracy in: Target Shooting, Field Competition, Bow Hunting

This title: shows how archers adjust to weather and terrain conditions; provides expert instruction from top archery coaches and intructors; includes advice on selecting equipment, bow tuning and set-up, arrow tuning and testing and maintaining equipment; and more.

Steve Ruis has been the editor of "Archery Focus" magazine since May 1999. He is mainly a field archer but is interested in all phases of archery, especially the technical aspects. Ruis is a National Field Archery Association (NFAA) certified instructor and a National Archery Association (NAA) Level II coach. He lives and works in California. Claudia Stevenson is the publisher and managing editor of "Archery Focus" magazine. An avid archer, Stevenson is a four-time California State field archery champion (two indoor, two outdoor) and placed second in the Freestyle Limited class in the 1997 NFAA Outdoor National Championships. Stevenson is a NFAA certified instructor as well as a National Archery Association Level II coach. She lives and works in California.


Rick McKinney was a founding publisher of "Archery Focus" magazine and now writes "The Elite Archer" column for the magazine. Known as one of the world's greatest archery champions, McKinney won the 1977, 1983, and 1985 World Championships as well as the U.S. National Target Championships nine times, Field Championships six times, Indoor Championships three times, and Collegiate National Championships seven times. He is a two-time Olympic silver medalist, 1984 (individual) and 1988 (team), and is currently president of Carbon Tech, a manufacturer of both target and hunting arrows. Don Rabska is an internationally renowned archery coach and a technical advisor for Easton Archery Products. He is the primary author of the Easton Tuning Guide, the most widely distributed treatise on arrow tuning.

Annette M. Musta, a certified personal trainer with 24 years of shooting experience, has written the "Archery Fitness" column for "Archery Focus" magazine since 1998. She is the founder and executive director of the Pass the Torch Foundation, which matches school-age children with athletes training for international competition.

Lisa Franseen, PhD has written the "Mental Skills" column for "Archery Focus" magazine since its inception. A clinical and sport psychologist, Dr. Franseen began working with archers in 1994. Since then, she has continued to help archers of all levels-- including elite archers at USAT training camps, international competitions, and the Olympic Games--improve their performance through mental skills training. Dr. Franseen also teaches sport psychology for the NAA Level 3 and 4 Archery Coaching certification courses.

Ty Pelfrey is a two-time U.S. national barebow champion. He has written numerous articles on shooting barebow for "Archery Focus" magazine and is currently a member of their advisory staff.

Larry Wise is a renowned archery coach and author of five books on archery. He has achieved a number one ranking in the world three times in the men's unlimited compound bow division, won the 1986 World Professional Archery Championship, and has been part of five World Championship teams. He still competes professionally and is a tournament staff coordinator and design consultant for Indian Industries/XI Bows. Wise has written numerous technical and bowhunting articles for "Archery Focus" as well as other magazines.

M.J. Rogers is the director of archery programs at the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. A Level 4 international coach in the National Archery Association, he was the lead coach for the U.S. team competing in the 2000 FITA World Field Championships in Italy. He is also active in the National Field Archery Association, where he judges major competitions.

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