How to Sail Around the World

Advice and Ideas for Voyaging Under Sail

Whether you'd like to sail around the entire world or just part of it, the well-tested sea wisdom in "How to Sail Around the World" will make your voyage easier and more successful. Here's clear and authoritative information on how to buy a small sailing yacht at a modest price, how to sail her on a big ocean, and what it's like to live aboard. Hal Roth has been a long-distance sailor for 37 years. He has sailed around the world three times and has logged 200,000 miles at sea either with his wife or by himself. His books "Two Against Cape Horn," "Two on a Big Ocean," and "Always a Distant Anchorage" are recognized classics of voyaging literature, and his instructional book "After 50,000 Miles," published a quarter century ago, ranks among the most influential sailing books ever written. Yet Roth's first sympathies are still "for the beginner with stars in his eyes and not much money," and "How to Sail Around the World" emphasizes the simple, the essential, and the affordable for ordinary people who would like to see the world from a new and challenging perspective. To a rare degree, Roth combines a mastery of technical content with an ability to render it in elegant writing that's a pleasure to read. "How to Sail Around the World" is at once authoritative and accessible. Roth's strongly held opinions, convincingly argued (he chooses not to sail with a refrigerator, for example), add to the book's appeal. "How to Sail Around the World" will tell you how sailing yachts are built and rigged, how to handle the sails, and what you need to know about anchors and anchoring. There are details of cooking and eating aboard, sailing at night, planning the trip, foreign paperwork, and exact figures on what it all costs, as well as the clearest and most comprehensive directions ever published on how to deal with storms at sea. In the beginning, voyaging can be a terrifying prospect. The storms, the leaks, the anchoring, handling the sails, deciding on

Hal Roth left his career as a journalist and editor more than thirty-five years ago and, with his wife, Margaret, went sailing. Since then, they have crossed all the oceans of the world and sailed to a thousand foreign ports and anchorages. Hal also raced twice around the world singlehanded, in the BOC Challenges of 1986-87 and 1990-91. He has accumulated 200,000 voyaging miles and has sailed to the Aleutian Islands, Japan, the North American West Coast, throughout the South Pacific, around South America, the Caribbean, the U.S. East Coast, Newfoundland, Labrador, and the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Mediterranean. He has crossed the Pacific five times and the Atlantic eleven times and has rounded Cape Horn three times. A graceful writer and accomplished photographer, Hal has written eight books about his adventures and one how-to book, After 50,000 Miles, which has sold more than 60,000 copies in its various editions. Two Against Cape Horn, Two on a Big Ocean, and Always a Distant Anchorage rank among the true classics of voyaging literature. He is one of the world's half dozen most accomplished sailing writers. HOMETOWN: St. Michaels, MD

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