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Queen of Denial: Trilogy (Books 1-3)

Queen of Denial

(Also available individually)

All three volumes in Anita Blackmann's trilogy, together in one bundle!

It was supposed to be Darren's fantasy come true, but it backfired and now he finds himself at the whim and mercy of his beautiful wife Anita. And her new and growing collection of male lovers...


"Are you sure this is what you want?"

Anita had asked her husband that more than once. His request seemed simple enough to him. He wanted her to fool around with black man while he made a video of it. "It will spice things up," he said.

But she had never really needed more than loving words and gentle caresses to get revved up. Apparently he did. And he had been pleading with her more and more.

But she loved him and said she would. Still, she worried. "What if I become addicted?" She didn't want things to change. He laughed and reassured her that their love was strong.

They were prepared. Camera, a hot black guy, and safe words.

What could go wrong?


It had been his fantasy, to see his wife and love of seven years with another man -- to "spice things up." But he hadn't counted on things getting so out of hand. Within minutes his wildest fantasy quickly became his greatest nightmare.

Now the tables have turned and she is in charge. She's feels betrayed by his request, and she's going to make sure that he knows that, each and every day.

Just how far will this all go???


Anita Blackmann's steamy third tale of female domination and sexual identity exploration!

Darren's biggest fantasy had backfired in a most spectacular fashion. Now she is determined to put him through the paces, to counter the years of devotion that she had given him. The years he put so little value on.

All he has to do is to say his safe word. To tap out.

Will this fresh round of submissive denial games finally make him do so?

Maybe. At least she's willing to try...

All characters are over 18. All acts are consensual.


Anita Blackmann married young, fresh out of high school. It was obvious that neither of them was ready for marriage, and it ended within a couple of years.

With stars in her eyes, she went to Hollywood next and acted for a while, mostly in small parts in independent films. She met and married a producer who introduced her into a world of wild parties and underground sex clubs. She came to fear for her health and sanity, and eventually walked away from him and his money.

She leads a very different life now, and has decided to write of the world she she once knew as a way of empowerment.

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Queen of Denial: Trilogy (Books 1-3)

Queen of Denial: Trilogy (Books 1-3)

von Anita Blackmann


von Katy Evans



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