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52 Steps to Murder (Dekker Cozy Mystery Series, #1)

Dekker Cozy Mystery Series

Neither Lt. Dekker no Sgt. Murdock like exercise, so when they are called to the scene of a murder and have to climb fifty-two steps just to get to the front porch of a house they are less than thrilled.  An elderly woman is found poisoned in her upstairs bedroom, but the front door is locked.  Two neighbors sitting on their front porches say that only two people went in or out of the house during the time she could have been murdered, and evidence shows that neither of them could have committed the murder unassisted or assisted by the other.  It is up to Lt. Dekker and Sgt. Murdock to sift through the evidence and talk to everyone who could have been involved and solve the murder.  The book is a combination of laugh-out-loud humor, interesting characters, and a tough to solve mystery.  


In the third grade, Steve Demaree's teacher tied him to his desk to keep him from walking around the room after completing his work. They soon came to a compromise where Steve was allowed to go to the library to get books to read. After trying a couple of other careers, Steve became an author at age 52. He has now written and published twenty-four books, all of them clean, most of them mysteries, and most containing humor. Over one million copies of his books have been downloaded to e-readers. Steve still lives in the city of his birth, Lexington, KY and has been married to the former Nell Fannin since November 8, 1969.

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