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TWENTY EIGHT sexy tales from Lynda McMasters AND Rachel Whipps (Explicit XXX-Rated Erotica Mega Bundle)

From Lynda McMasters and Rachel Whipps, a HUGE hot bundle of filthy fun! This amazing mega bundle contains TWENTY EIGHT sordid tales of lust and sexual abandon, with our heroine in complete control in all of the situations she finds herself in. She cums every time, and you can cum with her!

 WARNING: These tales contain scenes of explicit sex, cumshots, creampies, anal sex, double entry, first time fucking, multiples, cum in mouth, cum on tits, female ejaculation, swallowing, ass to mouth, GANGBANGS, orgies, swapping, cuckold and so much more. They are ONLY for broadminded adults


* The MILF and the PT

What woman hasn't fantasized about her personal trainer? That toned ass, those bulging biceps, his hard, strong thrusts? Well fantasies are for losers baby, this MILF does it for real


"I reached my hand down his stomach as I took his tongue into my mouth. My hand stroked his defined six pack, feeling each bump and contour of that amazing stomach. The other women, the MILF's in the classes, would be so jealous of me now. I almost wanted to shout out of the door, or sell tickets!

His rock hard stomach gave way, as I explored downwards, to trimmed pubic hair. Then, with a gentle tug on his shorts, to a fully hard cock. Just as Jason's body did not disappoint, neither did his member. It was a beauty. It filled my grasp as I held it in my hand, gently moving backwards and forwards, feeling his breathing deepen and his tongue probe my mouth even deeper. He was so turned on...."

* Wet at the Carwash

A sexy tale of an ordinary working day, until this bitch takes 3 guys, one in each hole. If only every working day could be like this!

* Hell's Riders Motorcycle Gang

Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, our girl finds lust and love under the stars with an oily anti-hero who rides into her life on his Harley and his gang

* Gloryhole!

Turning men on over the internet is one thing, now this new man wants to take things further. Much further..

* In-Car Entertainment

Fucking total strangers in the car. Our heroine knows no shame nor any sense of stranger danger. A cum filled climax awaits and fulfils your every fantasy

 * Dance for Me, Bitch

A sexy, fuck filled story of private dancing and what happens when they go all the way. Well, the money is too good not to fuck these guys…

* Take me, I LOVE IT

 I have fantasies about being taken by force. My boyfriend tries hard to act them out, but he is too gentle, too loving. I want to be taken by force by a stranger, and tonight I am going to make it happen..

*Dirty Bikers M.C. (Biker Leather Gangbang Erotica)

 Abandoned and alone on a desert road, the biker gang could save me. I would do anything they wanted in return..

*I want it rough!  

 I love rough sex. The rougher the better. This plumber in my house, he doesn't stand a chance. He is going to fuck me. Hard…

*In-Flight Threesome

"I just can't seem to stop thinking about sex. Even on the plane, I am sure that air hostess is giving me the eye. And that captain. So sexy. So horny…

*(the day I joined) Outlaws M.C.

Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, I found love and lust with a criminal biker gang.


Warning! This bundle contains over 110,000 words of steamy sex, hot partners and cum filled adventures between a girl desperate for money and the guys that she meets on the way.


Dick Hunter is an ex-pat British guy, now living in Austin, Texas with his partner of 3 years.

"I've been writing for years, mainly for my personal use. Thanks to Amazon and its wonderful readers, I'm now in the process of publishing for the first time! I'm looking forward to bringing you the best of taboo gay erotica, I'm excited to be here and looking forward to hearing from you!"

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TWENTY EIGHT sexy tales from Lynda McMasters AND Rachel Whipps (Explicit XXX-Rated Erotica Mega Bundle)

TWENTY EIGHT sexy tales from Lynda McMasters AND Rachel Whipps (Explicit XXX-Rated Erotica Mega Bundle)

von Lynda McMasters, Rachel Whipps
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Das Messias-Projekt

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