Wahnfried – Das Haus von Richard Wagner


This book tells the story of Wahnfried – Richard Wagner’s home in Bayreuth. Wahnfried is an integral part of the history and impact of one of the most important artistic phenomena of the 19th century and, as such, is not only uniquely important to the topography of Wagner’s Bayreuth but of major significance in Germany and the
wider world.

Wahnfried is not only the place where this poet and composer completed major late works (including Götterdämmerung and Parsifal), it is also associated with certain attitudes in the history of ideas that were to have an influence in Europe – for better and for worse – until well into the 20th century. The waves that rippled outward from the “Bayreuth circle” originated in Wahnfried.

Up until 1966 successive generations of the Wagner family lived at Wahnfried, which thus became the beating heart of Richard Wagner’s Bayreuth Festival. As such – with its houseguests, both famous and infamous – Wahnfried was always in the public eye. Changes in the ownership and use of Wahnfried during the course of the 20th century reflect conflicting cultural and political interests and the ongoing debate surrounding the maintenance of a globally important cultural institution.

This villa is a place of remembrance, which brings together many strands in cultural history – in the history of ideas, architecture, and music. Following its complete refurbishment and renovation, and the construction of a separate extension, Haus Wahnfried was reopened as a memorial and museum during the Bayreuth Festival in the summer of 2015. Together with the Festival Theatre in Bayreuth, constructed to Wagner’s own specifications, and the burial site of Cosima and Richard Wagner, Haus Wahnfried is part of an architectural ensemble that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

A substantial, three-part essay by Verena Naegele is complemented by expert contributions from Gerte Reichelt, Peter Cachola Schmal, Dietmar Schuth, and Volker Staab, and a word of welcome from Nike Wagner. The book is abundantly illustrated with historical as well as contemporary photos. They reveal the fascinating story of the house between 1872 and 2015 when it was thoroughly renovated and the extensions completed.
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