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Momentous Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach, #1)

Love in Sandy Beach

When in doubt, put him to the test... 

She creates beauty on canvases. 
He creates beauty for others. 
Can they create a beautiful future together? 

Watercolor artist Allison Paxton is used to taking her time to see the big picture, but after only one unforgettable night with scorching hot plastic surgeon, Russell Barkin, she knows exactly where she belongs--with him. 

Broken from a past filled with heartache, the stubborn surgeon won't believe there's a "happily ever after" for someone like him. Not even when Allison devises a plan to put him to the "relationship test". 

She pulls out all the stops, forcing him to see what he's been missing all along. Refusing to relent to the "no emotions" decree he placed on himself, Russell won't cave to the persistent and perky Allison--even though she's wheedling her way into his heart. 

When Russell finally sees that his happiness has been right in front of him all along, it might just be too late. 

Can two people build a future together when one is harboring pain from the past and the other is afraid of what's yet to come? 

This is the first book in the LOVE IN SANDY BEACH series. This 5-book big family contemporary romance series continues where THE ARMSTRONGS left off. And you'll meet many of your beloved Armstrong heroes again. 

Every book contains a complete love story without cliffhangers and can be read as stand-alone. 

Follow each sibling on his or her path to a happily ever after, and meet again characters from previous stories in each new book. 

All my books contain steamy scenes, deep emotions, humor and adventure 

More books in the LOVE IN SANDY BEACH series: 

MOMENTOUS KISSES (Allison and Russel) 
TURBULENT KISSES (Chase and Pearl) 
DETERMINED KISSES (Ethan and Hazel) 
RESOUNDING KISSES (Terrence and Ivy) 


Jessica Gray is a true romantic. She loves romance and happy endings, but she also enjoys adventure and excitement.

Her novellas are full of romance, but also include challenges and hardships for the main characters. Be prepared for a fun and exciting read.

She has had her own share of adventure, romance and broken hearts in her life to never run out of ideas and inspiration for her books.

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