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Cuckold Experiment Bundle - BBC Interracial Cuckolding Hotwife Erotica

Since our marriage, I have constantly worried that my wife, Maria, would leave me. Frankly, why she's stayed true all these years is the real mystery. She is a beautiful woman by anyone's standards, while I'll admit, I'm sub-par in every respect, including my pathetically tiny dick.

Then one evening several months ago, her car broke down and she decided to say thank you to the man who stopped to help her by dropping to her knees. Right there on the side of the road.

But instead of getting angry when she told me what happened, I realized - this is what I deserve. It's always what I should get, and what I wanted more than anything. 

I was to become a cuckold. 

But as our relationship continued to change in unforeseen ways, I struggled to accept my lot in life. Would our cuckold experiment work? Or would I begin to hate what I had to become…

This three-book bundle tells the story of a pathetic husband and his hotwife, experimenting with cuckolding and all that comes with it - cream pies, small penis humiliation, and the painful ecstasy that comes from having your wife be fucked by a strong, black bull while you are forced to watch every orgasm from the corner…

Preview of Cuckold Experiment - Part 1:

"Honey?" she said. "Are you all right?"

"All right? How can I be? You cheated on me."

"I'm sorry. It's just that we've been talking about this for a long time, haven't we? Every time we were in bed, we would always fantasize and role play that other men were…It's just been so long. I thought…I'm sorry, Davey. I made a mistake."

I sat there, unable to look at her, unable to say anything.

"Could you do it again?" I eventually said. "See him."

She grinned. "Of course. Of course I can."

I just had one request. "I want to be there when you do. You'll let him take you here in our house? Our bedroom?"

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