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Harder! Mom Said (Outrageous Annotated Edition)

DESCRIPTIONThe seething passions that lurk within many mothers are often hidden beneath veneers of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions. What can a son do to sufficiently tempt his mom? What mechanisms must a son employ to trigger his mother's seething taboo passions sufficiently to allow him the forbidden sexual access he craves? His method, though incestuous, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.EXCERPT“Joey, do you have a sister?” she asked.He turned dark in color and didn't say anything. Sabrina knew then. She laughed—a low, husky, erotic sound.“That's nice, Joey,” she whispered throatily, “to have a sister who loves to suck your cock.”She twisted about until she had her head resting on her son's thighs. She drew his cock close to her face, nuzzling it at her cheek, looking at Joey. “I suck my son's cock all the time, Joey. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. If your sister enjoys sucking you and you like it, don't be ashamed.”“I'm not supposed to tell, that's all,” Joey said.“You didn't tell, honey,” she soothed, then turned her mouth to Brien's cock and rubbed the dripping piss hole about her lips. “You didn't tell us anything. I just guessed.”Sabrina ran her tongue along the hard shaft of her son's cock, feeling it hot on the flat surface. She twisted it about the smoothly swollen head, her eyes burning into Joey's. It gave her a thrill to be seen licking at her son's cock and the knowledge that this boy's sister was sucking him off sent ripples of excitement through her. Lying on her back, her head turned toward her son's cock, Sabrina spread her legs wide. She ran her tongue about her son's cock eagerly but keeping her burning eyes on Joey. She moved a hand down her flat stomach and rubbed at her wet cunt. Taking her son's cock between her lips, she sucked at the head for a moment or so, then pulled off.“Joey, eat my pussy,” she said softly but urgently, lifting her crotch up. “Lick my cunt, Joey. My pussy is so hairy and wet and hot and it loves to get licked. You suck my cunt, Joey and I'll suck your cock off.”Sabrina giggled as the boy hurriedly moved between her thighs, knowing this would not bet the first time he tongued a cunt. Perhaps he was tongue-fucking his sister while she sucked on his prick. She arched her crotch up as Joey leaned down and when his tongue lapped up and down the wet, hair-lined cunt lips, Sabrina squealed with delight. She turned her head to her son's cock, saying, “Oooo, suck that wet cunt, Joey! Suck me good and you get the next blow job.”
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Erscheinungsdatum 15.08.2016
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