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Fritz Emonts

Buch (Taschenbuch)
Buch (Taschenbuch)
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  • Europäische Klavierschule

    1 CD (1998)

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    1 CD (1998)
  • Europäische Klavierschule

    1 CD (1998)

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    1 CD (1998)


Following the very successful piano method published in two volumes between 1958 and 1962, the three-volume "European Piano Method" represents a new textbook which takes into account the development of modern piano pedagogy.

7 Winning Features of the Emonts Method:
1 Songs from many European countries
2 Pupils begin to play without music notation
3 Improvisation and playing on the black keys
4 Development of listening skills and aural awareness
5 Simple and logical learning structure
6 Lots of duets
7 Attractive full-colour illustrations

Volume 2
While the first volume of "The European Piano Method" introduces the basic principles of playing the piano, Volume 2 is concerned with extending technical and musical training. The course begins with the theme of 'Phrasing and Articulation'. This is followed by a series of pieces arranged systematically to give practice of playing in different keys (3 sharps to 3 flats) and so to improve reading skills and increase familiarity with the keyboard. Together with major and minor scales, the corresponding cadences are introduced which can be varied in many different playing styles. Parallel to this there is granded practice material for playing scales and to develop 'Velocity and Even Playing'. In this way students gradually reach a technical standart that allows 'artistic' work on expression and musical interpretation to begin. This development of musicianship starts with the use of pedal and an introduction to cantabile, which will be taken further in Volume 3.
Again, playing by ear, inventing accompaniements, experimenting with timbres and chords, and composing little pieces should constantly supplement lessons. In the appendix of Volume 2, the author offers some idea, though he has consciously left much to the individual approach of the teacher.


Fritz Emonts, geboren in Breinig bei Aachen, studierte von 1936-39 Klavier bei Heinz Schüngeler in Hagen und Köln. Nach dem 2. Weltkrieg war er Klavierlehrer am Hagener Musikseminar, von 1963-86 Leiter der von ihm gegründeten städtischen Musikschule, außerdem Professor für Klavier und Klavierdidaktik an der Folkwang Hochschule für Musik in Essen. Emonts schrieb 1958-62 die Klavierschule "Erstes Klavierspiel", 1992-94 die dreibändige "Europäische Klavierschule".


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 96
Erscheinungsdatum 18.12.1998
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch
ISBN 978-3-7957-5436-5
Reihe Europäische Klavierschule
Verlag Schott & Co
Maße (L/B/H) 30,2/23,3/0,9 cm
Gewicht 388 g
Abbildungen mit 42 farbigen Illustrationen 30,5 cm
Auflage 6. Auflage
Illustrator Andrea Hoyer
Verkaufsrang 3250


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  • Preface - Phrasing and Articulation - The Major Scale - Scale Training - the Minor Scale - Travelling through Various Keys (3#-3b) - Velocity and Even Playing I - Pedal - Cantabile - Velocity and Even Playing II - Appendices - Accompanying Songs and Dances - 5 Dances with Drone Accompaniment - The Cadence - Song Accompaniment with 2 Chords - Song Accompaniment with 3 Chords - Dances with Cadential Harmony